Drivers beware! Double trouble may loom as clock change coincides with Halloween


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Take caution this Halloween, as it happens to fall on the same Monday after the clocks go back

It hasn’t happened since 2011, but this year Halloween and Monday after the clock change are occurring at the same time this year. Because of this, Admiral is advising motorists to take extra caution as it’s common to see an increase in the number of accidents on the first Monday after the clocks go back. Since drivers are used to commuting in the light, it’s thought that the sudden change to a commute in the dark may cause the increase of problems.

But that’s not the only thing Admiral is warning drivers of. Halloween is another time of the year where there’s a spike in theft and malicious damage, meaning this year motorists might be facing double trouble.

Head of Claims for Admiral, Lorna Connelly, said, “This year Halloween and the first Monday after the clocks go back coincide, so motorists will see a change to their usual routine and will suddenly have to drive home from work in the dark."

Traditionally, Admiral has seen a spike in claims related to malicious damage and theft on the 31st October – perhaps because there are more ‘spooky’ people out at night who are set on causing trouble.

In 2011 when the two dates last coincided, Admiral saw the total number of claims increase by 22% when compared with the previous Monday.

“We want to remind motorists to do what they can to keep themselves and their cars safe. Be a little more alert on your commute home and of course, don’t forget to put your headlights on! When you get home, don’t leave anything on show in your car, and if possible leave it parked in a well-lit spot overnight.”

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