Crackdown on uninsured driving


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A new video targets young people in an effort to make them safer drivers

The Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB) has incorporated a third video as part of its Gone in Seconds national awareness campaign, which encourages 17 to 29 year-old drivers to get insured, or face the consequences.

The campaign, originally launched in September 2015 by the MIB and the Metropolitan Police, had a hugely positive response. The first two campaign videos won silver and bronze accolades at the First Car Awards. The final video to come from campaign, Protection accumulated over 1.8 million views on YouTube, and the MIB are hoping this new project, Own Worst Nightmare can replicate these successes.

Detective Chief Superintendent Paul Rickett, Metropolitan Police Service Roads and Transport Policing Command, said: "The MPS will not tolerate drivers of uninsured vehicles on the capital’s roads and we need to get the message across to young people that driving uninsured vehicles is illegal and unacceptable."

Own Worst Nightmare, which comes in the form of a thriller, highlights the consequences of driving an uninsured vehicle. These include:

  • Having your car taken away
  • Having to rely on others to get around
  • Having to lose face if your car’s seized while you’re out with your mates
  • Getting prosecuted in court and face unlimited fines.

Broadly, the campaign is focussing its efforts around the threat of young people losing their car, their friends and their freedom, and is part of an ongoing wider effort by the MIB to reduce the number of insured drivers.

According to the MIB: "By working in partnership with insurers, Police and DVLA, the level of uninsured driving has dropped by some 50% in the last 10 years."

Uninsured drivers and the law

You must have a minimum of third party insurance as a legal requirement, and if do not you may be liable for the cost of an accident and any costs associated to the resulting claim.Uninsured drivers also face:

  • A fixed penalty fine of £300
  • Having their vehicle seized
  • Court prosecution, with the possibility of an unlimited fine and being disqualified from driving
  • A £150 fee to release the car and have the correct insurance in place to get it back
  • Higher insurance premiums if caught driving uninsured
  • Six penalty points added to their licence.

You can keep up to date with the Gone In Seconds campaign by following the Twitter page @DriveInsured and #goneinseconds. More information can be found on Gone in Seconds.

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