Christmas: the best and worst time of year for accident claims


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Since a lot of us take to the roads to visit family and friends over the festive period, we decided to look into the number of accidents occurring over the Christmas period.


We’d like to remind all Admiral customers to take care when out and about on the roads this Christmas, as our research has found that the days leading up to Christmas are some of the worst days of the year when it comes to road accidents.

While we saw the highest number of accidents in 2017 on 15 December, the lowest number happened just ten days later on Christmas Day itself. We actually found the number of accidents was five and a half times higher on 15 December last year than Christmas Day.

In fact, we’ve recorded the fewest accidents on 25 December for the past five years, with roughly a third of the accidents of any other day in December.  

The dates that have consistently seen the highest number of accidents over the last five years are 1, 8, 14, 15, 22 and 23 December. Numbers decrease by Christmas Eve, although there are still 177% more accidents on Christmas Eve and 77% more accidents on Boxing Day than Christmas Day.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, bumps and shunts were among the most common incidents when it comes to the actual types of accidents recorded over the Christmas period.

Five most common types of accidents between 24 and 26 December 2013-17

1. Third party hit customer’s parked and unattended car

2. Customer hit third party in the rear

3. Third party hit customer in the rear

4. Customer hit third party’s parked and unattended car

5. Third party came out of a minor road

Thankfully, incidents over the Christmas holiday are rare, but we found some areas of the UK are more accident-prone than others. In 2017, Cardiff had the highest number of accidents with 19, with Bexley following closely behind and Ealing, Kirklees and Leeds in joint third.

The top 10 locations for motorists making an accident claim between 24 and 26 December 2017

Position Borough or district Number of accidents
1st Cardiff 19
2nd Bexley 18
=3rd Ealing 16
=3rd Kirklees 16
=3rd Leeds 16
6th Glasgow 15
=6th South Lanarkshire 15
=6th Leicester 15
=6th Liverpool 15
10th Hounslow 14

Lorna Connelly, Head of Claims for Admiral said: “When it comes to road accidents December really is a month of contrasts. In 2017 we saw both our busiest and our quietest day of the entire year for accident claims.

“The lead up to Christmas can be a chaotic time and our data shows it’s not just at home and in the shops but on the roads too. Whether you’re visiting relatives or doing some last-minute shopping, it’s easy to be distracted at this time of year so we just want to remind all motorists to stay alert, take your time and be aware of other road users.

“After all, we have enough to think about in the lead up to Christmas without having to make a claim too.”

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