Car free days for Cardiff


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Cardiff could go car-free to reduce pollution in Wales

car free

Cardiff is a great city but it isn't often likened to Paris, until now that is.

Last night a motion for the central areas of the city to have a traffic-free day once-a-year was backed by a majority of city councillors.

A similar scheme is now in force in Paris; the city held its first car-free day on 27 September this year. In early 2015, smog in the French capital got so bad the Eiffel Tower was temporarily hidden from view and the city topped the charts as the most polluted city in the world.

Labour councillor Richard Cook made the proposal which calls for Cardiff to follow Paris, London, Delhi and Brussels in making one day a year car-free for the city centre in a bid to reduce pollution.

Each of the cities, which currently operate such days, do so in different ways; some urge commuters to walk or ride a bike and others offer free public transport on these days.

The backing of the proposal is no guarantee of its enforcement but does mean it will be considered in depth by the council.

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