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Black is the new black: the top 10 car colours

Research from Admiral Car Insurance has found that the most popular colour for cars is black, with purple chosen the least.


We’ve never had a wider range of colours to choose from when it comes to customising our cars, but it turns out that black is still the nation’s favourite colour.

We’ve analysed more than half a million Admiral Car Insurance policies and found that almost a quarter of the cars were black.

Blue was the second most popular colour, closely followed by grey. Purple was the least popular colour by far, accounting for less than 1% of the cars.

The nation’s top 10 car colours:



% of cars































Gender made no difference in colour preference – both women and men had the same top two colours. There was a difference in third place, however, with women more likely to opt for white cars and men grey.

Cars by profession

We looked at 15 jobs and found 13 favour black cars, with only journalists and musicians bucking the trend by favouring blue cars above black:

  • Taxi drivers are 162% more likely to have a purple car than the average driver;
  • Journalists are 137% more likely to have a yellow car than the national average;
  • Hairdressers are 72% more likely to drive a white car;
  • Driving Instructors are 58% more likely to have a brown car;
  • Musicians are 45% more likely to have a silver car;
  • Undertakers are 26% more likely to have a grey car
  • Teachers are 14% more likely to have a red car.

Sabine Williams, Admiral's head of motor, said: “Our analysis shows that classic black is the nation’s favourite car colour regardless of where in the country you live. It’s interesting that in an age where people want to express their individuality in how they look, so many of us still resort to choosing the same colour cars. Three-quarters of motorists drive either a black, blue, grey or white car.

“But while the colour of your car may not affect your premium, the way that you drive will. Drivers of all colour cars can reduce their chances of having a motoring conviction or needing to make a claim by staying legal when driving, sticking to the speed limit, making sure their vehicle is well maintained and parking their vehicle securely at home and when out.”

Top tips for staying safe on the road

1. Stay legal: Lessen the risk to yourself and your fellow motorists by staying legal when you drive. Always wear a seat belt and never use your phone while driving.

2. Follow the Highway Code: Read up on the Highway Code if it’s been a while. Tailgating is dangerous so stick to the ‘two second rule’ as a minimum – and don’t forget to factor in weather conditions and speed.

3. Maintain your vehicle: As well as a regular MOT make sure you keep your car in good working order. Check the tyre pressure and replace tyres with low tread. Keep your washer fluid topped up and check your fuel, oil and water levels before long journeys.

4.  Security: Protect your vehicle when it’s parked by not leaving valuables on display. If thieves can tell your car has an immobiliser, alarm system and tracking device they’re more likely to look elsewhere. Keep your keys safe at home, away from the door and out of sight.

5. Have the right insurance: Make sure you have the correct level of cover and update your insurer if your circumstances change.