'Bad driver on board’ – motorists in favour of warning stickers


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Motorists want a convicted driver sticker scheme to warn of bad drivers

Car stickers indicating the driver has points on their licence or a past driving-ban have been given the thumbs up by UK motorists.

A survey carried out by car leasing firm Flexed.co.uk revealed 86% of motorists polled felt a warning sticker in the car of ‘convicted’ drivers would be beneficial.

The poll suggested a range of stickers, covering everything from bad drivers to people who smoke and then throw their cigarette butts out the window.

Similar to hazardous materials warning stickers on trucks, this sticker system would show fellow road-users which drivers have been convicted of speeding, dangerous driving or driving under the influence of drink or drugs.

Mark Hall, a spokesman at Flexed.co.uk, told Fleetworld: “Yes, people would like to know if the driver in front has a conviction, so a plate that complements the existing “L” and “P” plateswould be welcome.

With 86% voting yes to the stickers, it seems the majority has spoken.

“That's a pretty convincing result,” said Mr Hall. “Road users would really like to know if other drivers present a risk to them, so they can act accordingly.

“Nobody should have to drive with the fear that the driver next to them is unpredictable or is a potential danger.”

The survey also asked drivers what other warning stickers they would like to see in cars and Fleetworld revealed the somewhat humorous results:

  • Driver can't park to save their life
  • Has argumentative spouse in passenger seat
  • Will always drive 15mph below the speed limit, except on long straight roads, and then it's foot to the floor
  • Warning! Driver will panic when they see blue flashing lights
  • Off duty taxi driver: no indicators
  • Sunday driver
  • Company car driver

What sticker would you like to see in people's cars? Send us your suggestions through on Twitter or Facebook

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