Autumn sees home burglary claims soar


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Home insurance claims soar in autumn as burglaries increase during darker nights. Here are our home security tips

As the evenings get darker, home insurance claims for burglaries reach their highest level between September and November -– 10% higher than in spring, when they are at their lowest.

Price comparison site MoneySuperMarket analysed more than 2.7 million home insurance quotes run on their site from July 2014 to June 2015, taking into account claims for burglaries within the past three years.

They found 2.1% of policy holders had made a claim on their home insurance for a burglary –- the figure rose to 2.26% in autumn, compared to 2.06% in spring.

Dan Plant, consumer finance expert at MoneySuperMarket, said: “Being burgled is a terrifying and disruptive experience that too many people go through. Not only is a burglary a complete invasion of privacy, but a violation of the place we should feel safest.

“Our research has found the autumn months see Brits making the highest rate of claims on their home insurance for burglary. As the darker nights roll in, this shows it’s crucial for everyone to think about security measures for their home, to prevent burglaries and protect themselves from opportunistic thieves.

“It is also hugely important to have home insurance in place to provide the support needed in the event of a burglary. When running a quote, it’s important to put in as close a figure as you think is accurate for the value of contents you have in your home, so you have enough cover, and also don'’t pay over the odds for something you don'’t need.”

Home security is something you should be thinking about, but if you're not sure where to start, here are Admiral's top tips on securing your home:

  • Always lock all doors and windows when you go out
  • Be cautious with your keys and don'’t leave them in the locks
  • Don'’t leave anything valuable in plain sight
  • Set your lights on timers and put rooms to a realistic time schedule
  • Display 'beware of the dog' signs to deter thieves
  • If you have a burglar system in place make sure you use it, some home insurance policies may insist on this so check the policy schedule
  • Make sure you keep your contents insurance up-to-date and at a high enough level to cover all your belongings.

If you’'re jetting off to escape Britain'’s dreary autumn, there are also a few simple tricks to help secure your home while you'’re abroad. Read our advice on home security while you’'re on holiday.

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