Admiral sponsors very first Capri World event


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Capri World has leapt from the realms of Facebook to launch its first event for lovers of the Ford Capri.

It’s fair to say I am a fan of the Ford Capri, having owned my first of many from the age of 13 and there's a fully restored, Pinto-powered Capri sat in my garage right now. It's true, I love these cars.

But for many years the Capri suffered an identity crisis; it went from the car you always promised yourself, selling nearly two million and becoming a great financial success for Ford, to a car remembered as the council house Corvette.

Such a stigma lasted into the new millennium but, in the last few years, Capris have turned a corner and are starting to get the respect they deserve; the tarnish of such vitriolic put downs were now being buffed out with classic status knocking at the door.

So here we are in 2016, a time where social media reigns supreme and Facebook is where millions spend numerous hours of the day and night.

Love it or hate it, one of the best things Facebook has created is a platform for like-minded enthusiasts to come together to chat and post photos and give advice on their chosen subjects.

One such person is Paul Wilshaw, a fellow Capri owner and enthusiast, who decided to make a little group on Facebook with the goal of giving those with a similar passion a place to chat and hang out.

Paul launched Capri World in 2013 and never dreamed of it breaking 1,500 members, but just three years later the group is enjoying a membership of almost 8,000 and unprecedented popularity.

The group has won awards and has been mentioned numerous times within respected classic car publications - Paul and the members have made this little group about an old car a great success and now they're taking it to the next level.

Capri World is transcending the digital realm into reality with the first Capri Club event at RAF Cosford on 21st August, and Admiral Classic Car Insurance is delighted to be sponsoring the event.

The sell-out event is sure to be a fantastic day for Capri-lovers and Admiral is proud to be sponsoring what can only be described as the beginning of something very special!

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