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Admiral estimates car insurance for Brooklyn Beckham and his new car will cost over £7K


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It’s been reported Brooklyn Beckham has passed his driving test and taken has delivery of a brand new Mercedes C Class worth £37K.

But how much to insure the 17-year-old fashion photographer and model with world-famous parents?

Admiral ran a quote for Brooklyn, based on his new car and living at the family home in Holland Park. They added his Mum and Dad as named drivers, her as a fashion designer and him as a model (Admiral can’t record his occupation as for ex-international footballer).

To keep the cost down, Admiral could offer Brooklyn a 10-month Bonus Accelerator policy so he can build his NCB up quicker, but even so the premium would be £7,269.55!

Admiral spokesman said: “Insurance premiums are based on the risk someone presents that they will have an accident and make a claim. Unfortunately 17-year-olds are far more likely to be involved in an accident than other drivers.

"On top of this, a Mercedes C Class is not a cheap car to insure and given his background and associates, I’m afraid Brooklyn is looking at a hefty premium.

“I’m not sure if Brooklyn paid for his car himself or if it was a present from mum and dad, either way, they'll no doubt have stumped up quite a bit more for his insurance.”

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