The five best apps for money management

The apps to download if you want to spend, save and invest smarter


There’s an app available for just about anything in today’s digital world. From gardening to star gazing, whatever your requirement, there will usually be a solution at your fingertips.

Among the hundreds of thousands of applications on offer, there are a whole host dedicated to helping you save, budget and even spend. So how do you separate the good from the bad?

We’ve narrowed it down to our top five money apps so you’ll be a whizz at saving, investing and budgeting your money in no time at all.




Available on iPhone and Android

Perfect for: Bargain hunters, scrimpers and savers

This is a must-have for anyone who refuses to pay full price.

Providing voucher codes for 4,500 leading stores, restaurants and tourist attractions, the VoucherCodes app is the perfect companion for a high-street discount hunt.

Thanks to its handy ‘nearby’ feature, the app notifies you when you're within the radius of a deal that you can't afford to miss.

Perfect for food-lovers, VoucherCodes also gives users a detailed run-down of the best restaurant deals in their area. The app can provide online exclusives as well as in-store discounts where applicable.




Available on iPhone and Android

Perfect for: The technology-savvy banker of the future

Founded in February 2015, this 'challenger bank' is aiming to reinvent the way that we store and look after our money. Monzo launched their beta prepaid debit cards in October 2015, and are currently rolling out current accounts to their users after being granted a full banking licence.

The app connects to your card to instantly alert you when you're spending. It categorises your transactions, giving you budget breakdowns on your weekly and monthly expenditures. There is also the option to set some of your money aside into pots; perfect if you have an event, holiday or project on the horizon.

This is 21st century banking at its finest; no-fuss, clean and exciting.

Money Dashboard



Available on iPhone and Android

Perfect for: Those with more than one bank account, debit or credit card

Money Dashboard gives you a collated view of all of your transactions, bills and balances. It does what it says on the tin, giving you a personalised dashboard which can help you review your finances.

The app gives an insight into just how, when and where you're spending your money, and can give you peace of mind when trying to weigh up your outgoings from multiple accounts. It also allows you to set custom budgets which can help you to reach your goals.

The app does not have the right to access your money, however it does act as a read-only review of your funds. It is not a newbie to the market, with the first design of the service being released back in 2010, but it’s perfect for those wishing to get a clearer, more precise view of their spending habits.




Available on iPhone and Android

Perfect for: Those wanting to get more for their money

Quidco does the unthinkable: getting money back when you part with your cash.

One of the most popular cashback sites, downloading the app allows you to have 4,500 retailers at the tips of your fingers, wherever you go.

But how does it work? In short, the retailer pays a small amount of commission to Quidco, which they will then give to you in the form of cashback. You click on the link for the retailer provided on the Quidco app and then purchase your item as normal. They will track your purchase and begin to offer you rewards. 

The app offers lots more than fashion and beauty - Quidco has partnerships with travel, electrical, insurance and finance companies. The company offers selected high street offers (card-linked) as well as supermarket deals with Click Snap. What are you waiting for? There’s money to be made.




Available on iPhone and Android

Perfect for: Those interested in the idea of investing

Does the concept of stocks and shares have you in a tizz? Interested in the concept of investing your money, but not sure where to start?

moneybox is here to help. The app gives you the option to ‘round-up’ your transactions to the nearest pound and invest the change, in virtual piggy-bank style. It connects to your existing bank account, and you can choose to when to invest your spare change or keep it.

You are then able to invest the money held in the app into either a Stocks & Shares ISA, General Investment Account or a Junior Stocks & Shares ISA.

As with any investment of your money, there is always an element of risk involved - it’s important to remember that investments can go down as well as up.

If this is something that you have been considering, moneybox is a great way to get started. You can track your investments from the comfort of your own phone, assess how their performance and withdraw your cash at any point. You can access your money with peace of mind, as moneybox is FCA authorised and covered by the FSCS.

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