A guide to worldwide travel insurance


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The definition of 'worldwide' differs from insurer to insurer, so it's important to make sure that you've got the right cover


Whether you’re road tripping through America, sailing through the Mediterranean or lying on the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean, worldwide travel promises a wealth of new experiences and enjoyment.

However, before you depart considerate planning and preparation is needed. This includes ensuring you have the right travel insurance for your trip.

Making sure that you have the right cover for your travels means you can get busy exploring your chosen destination, rather than worrying about the small print of your travel insurance policy booklet should anything unplanned happen.

What is worldwide travel insurance?

Worldwide travel insurance covers you when you take a trip anywhere in the world. While not a legal requirement, travel insurance is a must when heading overseas to ensure you don’t get caught out by the unexpected.

However, not all destinations in the world are treated the same by insurance providers when you’re trying to gain cover. It’s essential that your chosen insurance policy meets the requirements of your trip; if you're unsure about what kind of policy to buy, read our comprehensive guide to travel insurance

If you’re travelling to Europe only, it may be cheaper to take out European travel insurance cover as opposed to worldwide – but different insurers define ‘Europe’ differently. In Admiral’s case, our policies stretch the boundaries of Europe to include countries such as Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey.

For other providers who don’t define Europe in this way, or if you’re planning a year of multiple trips spanning Europe and further afield then, worldwide travel insurance could be better suited to your needs.

Where does worldwide travel insurance cover?

While you would be forgiven for thinking that worldwide travel insurance covers you in every country across the world, this is not the case. Depending on the insurer, some countries could be excluded from their worldwide policy.

Be mindful that the USA, Canada and the Caribbean are commonly excluded destinations in some worldwide policies. If you’re headed to one of these destinations then you may need to shop around to find a policy which specialises to include these destinations.

While it may seem obvious, make sure you read through the terms and conditions of your policy before buying to guarantee your destination is covered.

Admiral worldwide insurance

Admiral Travel Insurance breaks down travel into three zones; Europe, Worldwide excluding USA, Canada and Caribbean and Worldwide. Then three tiers of cover with increasing coverage and product benefits are available. You can choose between Admiral, Admiral Gold or Admiral Platinum to suit your needs best.

Do you need single or annual cover?

If you’re travelling to remote corners of the globe then it’s likely you’ll be away for longer than usual. Admiral’s single trip policy offers cover for up to 365 days, making it appropriate for gap years and extended trips. Alternatively, if you think you’ll be going on multiple separate trips throughout the year (typically up to 31 days per trip)then an annual multi trip policy could be better for you.

Are you taking a gap year?

If you’re taking a gap year and travelling to multiple countries, you will need to consider the areas you plan to travel to. If you’re staying in Europe, you can save yourself money by taking out a Europe only travel insurance. Trips to the USA, Canada and the Caribbean will require worldwide travel insurance that includes these destinations too.

You will also want to consider whether you will be coming home between trips or if you’re leaving the UK for one prolonged globe trot. This will affect your decision on whether to select single or annual cover.

Things to consider when travelling 

These hints and tips will not only give you peace of mind but will help your worldwide trip run as smoothly as possible.  

Book those vaccinations

Get them in early! Sometimes you need multiple vaccines to be fully protected and some can leave you feeling a bit poorly. If you book them in early you avoid suffering side effects as you start your trip.

Apply for your visa

Not all but some countries require a visa for entry. Again, if possible apply early for yours as the process can take time.

Buy travel money

It’s wise to swot up on the local currency and figure out a rough conversion rate in your head per £1 so you know whether prices you are charged are reasonable. A money belt and multiple methods of payment are also a sensible move to improve personal security.

Do your destination research

While preparations for your trip are likely to be jam-packed, try to put some time aside for researching your destination. Notes to take include daily costs of accommodation and food, the location and contact details of the British Embassy as well as local cultural customs to be aware of such as appropriate dress.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Many policies exclude cover where the Foreign & Commonwealth Office has advised against “all travel” or “all but essential travel.” These warnings may be issued for example in relation to a state of political unrest. If you are concerned your destination could fall into this category be sure to check with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

Planning to ski on your trip?

If you’ll be hitting up the slopes on your trip then you may need to investigate additional coverage for your policy. Without this addition you will be unable to claim on any part of your travel insurance. Planning is also needed if you want to ski in a destination excluded from some worldwide travel insurance such as the USA or Canada.

Will you be spending time on the seas?

A cruise is another activity which you may need to seek additional cover for. As with ski holidays, all parts of your policy will be invalid if you fail to add this cover. Admiral Platinum cover is an exception to this since Cruise Upgrade comes as standard.

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