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When and why do you need to buy travel insurance?

Booked your next holiday? Don't wait to buy travel insurance


Holidays abroad rarely come cheap. With air fares and hotel room prices on the rise, it’s natural for cash-conscious travellers to look for opportunities to reduce the cost of their trips. Some assume that finding a cheap travel insurance policy, or not buying one at all, is a good way to save money on travel. After all, buying travel insurance isn’t mandatory – many people travel without it, particularly if they’ve got an EHIC and are travelling in Europe.

Last year, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) found that insurance was only significant concern for 2% of travellers. Most people spend more time worrying about getting to the airport, going through security or waiting for their luggage.

But this train of thought can be a costly one. The high costs of foreign medical care, replacing lost valuables or having to cancel your trip can all be mitigated if you’ve got the right insurance policy in place.

So, the short answer to when you need to buy travel insurance? Always. But if you’re looking for more specific information on the different circumstances when travel insurance is required, or advice on how to make sure you’re covered in every eventuality, we’ve got your back with this guide.

When to buy travel insurance