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Family travel insurance


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Wondering if your family would be eligible for a family travel insurance policy? Read on to find out more.


Extra, extra! If there are more people than usual in your holiday party, you need to read all about our family travel insurance! If you’re travelling with your wider family, you’ll need the right kind of travel insurance – and we have it covered.

Holidaymakers can understandably get confused as to whether they need family cover or whether they’d be better off with an individual travel insurance policy for each person travelling. As always, the right option depends on several factors, such as the size of your holiday party, who is travelling with you and whether anyone has a pre-existing medical condition before you go.

What is family travel insurance?

Family travel insurance covers a number of people from the same family, such as parents, step-parents, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Bear in mind that any children over the age of 18 will need to take out individual policies, however.

You don’t all need to have the same surname, but the adults all need to live at the same address to be on the same policy (the children don’t have to live with the adults to be on the same policy).

With Admiral, a family policy is available as single trip travel insurance, which covers you for one trip away from home for up to 365 days, or, if your family goes on several holidays a year, multi-trip travel insurance.

Do I need family travel insurance?

Family travel insurance is a really good idea to make sure everyone in your group is covered. One of the benefits of our travel insurance is that we pay out if you have to cancel your trip for one of a number of defined reasons – so if one of your children happens to be a little accident-prone, then having the right cover in place at the time of booking your holiday could prove a wise move!

Depending on the age and health of everyone in your party, however, you might find it more cost-effective to buy separate policies to suit all needs. For example, if you’re a parent travelling with your children and your own parents, you might find that the older relatives in the group bump up the premium for everyone.

If the grandparents are in their 60s or 70s, it’s a good idea to compare online quotes for over 60s travel insurance and over 75s cover. If they have a pre-existing medical condition, having insurance specifically for their age group could give them more tailored cover than a general policy. Our annual multi-trip insurance covers travellers aged 75 or under, while our single trip policies are for people up to 79.

If your child is going abroad, with you or a relative or friend, Home Office advice says the permission of everyone with parental responsibility must be given. Mothers automatically have parental responsibility, but still need permission from the father if he’s not travelling with you. The Home Office has a template letter you can use to show you have permission.

If children are travelling with any adult who has a different surname to them – even their parent or step-parent – it’s possible your group will be stopped and questioned at border control. It’s therefore a good idea to take documentation with you. This might include, for example, copies of their birth or adoption certificates and of your marriage, divorce or change of name certificates.

Our annual family multi-trip travel policies also cover under-18s if they are travelling with an adult who’s not named on your policy. So if a kind aunt, uncle or family friend offers to give you a break and take your children on holiday with them, this type of policy will give you peace of mind that their belongings are covered and they will get the right treatment should they become ill whilst away.

Before you take out Family Travel Insurance, make sure you don’t already have the right cover with another product! Travel insurance is often included as an added bonus with certain bank accounts and credits cards. But do read the small print carefully; although it might sound like a fantastic deal, these kinds of offers sometimes provide very basic cover and you may find yourself out of pocket – or stranded – should an emergency occur.

If you’re not sure if a family policy is best for your circumstances, call one of our advisors on 0333 234 9913.

Travelling abroad as a family

When travelling to any country, whether for a holiday or work, it’s wise to check – and heed – Foreign Office advice about your destination. If you travel to a country where advice has been issued about things such as unrest, terror alerts or weather warnings, you risk invalidating your insurance.

If you’re travelling in Europe, don’t forget your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). It’s not the same as travel insurance and doesn’t give you the same level of cover, but it does prove you’re a UK resident and are therefore entitled to medical treatment and help when in a European country, under a reciprocal agreement.

Are there any exclusions?

As with any type of travel insurance, always read the small print. If your family is planning to take part in any activities, you might need specialist cover such as winter sports insurance or golf insurance, or you could find you’re not protected. This also applies to any adventure activities all or some members of the family decide to do, whether you pre-book or sign up during the holiday.  

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