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There’s an app for that! 5 travel apps

Brits love a holiday abroad. In fact, a recent London City Airport survey revealed we are now visiting 37% more countries per year than we did in 2013.

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But how can we make sure our trips to sunnier climes are as hassle-free as possible? Here at Admiral, we have found the top apps which will help to make your trip a breeze.

  1. Citymapper

Available on iPhone and Android

Perfect for: Efficient travellers

Cost: Free

Once you download Citymapper, you won’t look back. The handy mapping service, which originally served London, is now available in 39 locations across the globe.

Unlike other conventional map applications, Citymapper provides you with numerous travel options once you search for your destination, with up-to-date public transport notices.

There are also additional features to save directions when offline, which can be useful if you’re using the underground. You can also save your route to send to a friend or use later.

They’ve recently launched a new Smart Ride transportation service, a bus-taxi hybrid in urban areas which are not served well by public transport.


  1. Pocket

Available on iPhone and Android

Perfect for: Easy readers

Cost: Free for basic package

Pocket is an app which lets you save online articles, videos and pictures all in one place, so you can browse at the poolside, after a flight delay or during a long journey.

It can be accessed on your phone, tablet or computer both on and offline. The option for Text-to-Speech means you don’t even have to read while you’re holidaying, as the app can read your chosen article to you.

Pocket also gives recommendations for reading material suited to you. If you want the advanced features, the premium version removes ads so you can relax with minimal distractions. It also includes advanced search options and increased saving capabilities, allowing you to still engage with content if it has been deleted from the internet.

What’s more, Pocket Explore is a search facility which lets you plan your trip before you leave; whether that’s saving travel guides, blogs or restaurant reviews.

Pocket travel app

  1. OpenTable

Available on iPhone and Android

Perfect for: Foodies

Cost: Free

OpenTable is a worldwide service which makes it easier to find and book a meal when you’re abroad. However, what sets this app apart is the facility which allows you to see restaurants with available tables. It also gives you the low-down of nearby restaurants based on verified guest reviews and helps you easily make a reservation.

The app lets you search for your perfect restaurant depending on party size, date, time, cuisine, price, or distance. It also rewards you with points every time you dine, which you can use in the future. Being turned away from full restaurants is now a thing of the past!

  1. Duolingo

Available on iPhone and Android

Perfect for: Authentic experience seekers

Cost: Free

Ever found yourself on holiday relying on a local’s English skills to get by? Frankly, us Brits aren’t renowned for our foreign language ability. However, you’ve no excuse not to learn the basics next time you travel with the help of Duolingo.

The language app has over 200 million users worldwide and provides an easy, accessible way to adopt a language from the beginning.

It’s considered one of the most effective ways to learn a language online as it’s the most downloaded education app in the world. The teaching works in stages, encouraging the user to learn several words and phrases per day and then consolidate all they’ve learnt with a test at the end of each level. As you progress, the app also tells you what percentage of fluency you are.

Duolingo is presented like a game, so there’s no lecturing or guilt-trips. So, whether you wish to learn the basics before your holiday or become a fully-fledged speaker, Duolingo might be an app to investigate after you’ve booked your flights.

Duolingo app

  1. Google Translate

Available on iPhone and Android

Perfect for: Convenience when travelling

Cost: Free

Everyone’s accustomed to using Google Translate on the web, but with this mobile app the features only get better.

Aside from having the standard translation text functions, Google Translate allows you to hover your camera over a street sign or restaurant menu and get instant translation into over 37 languages.

There is also the Tap to Translate function which instantly translates any sentence from external apps into your desired language.

If you haven’t got the time or inclination to brush up on your Spanish or French, make sure the Google Translate is downloaded for hassle-free translation during your trip.

Google translate

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