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Hiring a pet photographer

Have you been considering having some professional photos taken of your pet? We share some of the best reasons for hiring a pro photographer and some tips for choosing the right one.


Photo sharing social media apps like Instagram and Flickr have changed the pet photography scene. Not only have they elevated the quality of pet photography, but they’ve helped create a platform for proud pet parents to show off their fur babies.

Animal photography can be a notoriously difficult skill to master. From getting them to sit still, to getting them to look at the camera, capturing the perfect portrait of your pet can be almost impossible. To get the perfect photo, you can either learn to master pet photography or hire the perfect pet photographer.

To make your life easier, we’ve put together some of the best reasons for enlisting a professional photographer. We’ve also provided a list of some of the things you should look for in a professional pet photographer to make sure you get the best value for your money.

Why you should splurge and hire a pet photographer

The expertise

A professional photographer will have experience and training that you simply won’t have. That’s not to say you won’t be able to take a good photo of your pet, but their professionalism and experience will undoubtedly lead to much better quality photos.

From photo composition to creativity, professional pet photographers are definitely worth the money.

The equipment

There’s no doubt that hiring a professional photographer means you’ll get the best shots. In addition to years of experience, professional photographers will have backdrops, props, top of the line cameras, lighting equipment, and photo editing software.

Hiring a photographer will cost less than purchasing loads of equipment yourself. Also, think of all the time you’ll save by not having to learn how to use the equipment!

You can be featured in the shoot

Another great reason to hire a professional pet portrait photographer is to be a part of the photos yourself. With someone else behind the lens, you can join your furry friend and create incredible mementos of your time together.

Your pet is worth it

Everyone knows that a pet is part of the family. Pet photography is a great way to preserve their legacy.

Having some beautiful shots of your pet around the house is a sure way to bring a smile to your face. Children get professional portraits taken at school, so why shouldn’t our furry friends get the same treatment?


Things to keep in mind when hiring a pet photographer

Hire someone with experience photographing pets

While this may seem like a given, many people mistakenly believe that anyone adept at general portrait photography will be able to take great animal photos. Taking expert animal portraits is quite different to taking human portraits.

Always check out your photographer’s portfolio to ensure they’ll meet your needs. From dog photography to snapping other furry friends, it’s important that you hire someone you know has the right experience.

Schedule a pre-photoshoot consultation

This is a great way to make sure your pet and photographer are compatible. It gives you the chance to let the photographer know what exactly you expect from their pet photos.

Additionally, you can decide if you’re more into studio photography or would prefer a different setting. You can also discuss props, themes and anything else you’d like to use to make your pet pics unique.

Make sure you get along with your photographer

There’s nothing more awkward than spending an hour or two with someone you just don’t click with.

When you meet your pet photographer at the pre-shoot consultation, make sure you have the same vision for the photos. There’s nothing worse than spending the money to hire a professional only to be disappointed by the photos.

Look for deals

While pet photography can be pricey, it doesn’t have to be. Look for deals on sites like Groupon to help find better rates. With that in mind, it’s important to remember that finding the right person, is just as crucial as finding the right price. Don’t compromise on quality for a better rate!


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