Cats vs dogs – which is the perfect pet?


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In a battle which has been raging for generations, a definitive winner is yet to emerge



With boisterous barking from the left and manic meowing from the right – it’s clear that dog owners and cat owners are not speaking the same language.

With the help of scientific research and a nationwide pet census, a recent BBC2 series set out to find the definitive answer to whether cats are better than dogs.

With that in mind we thought we’d find out which way the team at Admiral lean when it comes to which pet they prefer.

Here’s how Admiral staff voted:

Kayley, 19, is a dog lover

Freddie and Wini

“I’d have to say dog, because my dog is the only one who is happy to see me when I go home!”

 Chris, 30, is a feline fan

Smidge and Squeak

“Cats! I’ve had cats all my life and will have another one in my next house.”

“It’s a common misconception that their affections are not given easily but my experience is the complete opposite. A very loving and loyal companion with a mind of its own, and can fend for itself, whereas dogs are very needy and highly dependent on the owner.

“Cats always win.”

Ben, 23, is barking mad for dogs


“I’d love to say cats are better, but dogs are just the best.

“They’re loyal, and always so happy to see you! All you’ve got to do is raise your voice slightly and wave your hands and they are instantly excited. And they are cute.”

James, 29, keeps it short and sweet


“Dogs good, cats bad.”

Jo, 33, loves her cat’s independence


“Clearly cats. They aren’t needy or demanding of time, they let you go away for the weekend without dying or tearing your favourite shoes to pieces – AND – they’re adorably cute.”

Sophie, 25, owner of pampered pooch


“Dogs are super suave and cwtchy!”

Paula, 47, has two cute kitties to coo over

Mittens and Dave

“Without doubt, cats are the best.”

Rhiannon, 24, has been won round by her Beagle’s puppy-dog eyes


“Guys, please – no cat could be cuter than my Beagle, Sherbie.”

Dave, 48, loves the nonchalance of cats


“There is clearly no competition.”

Mel, 53, is definitely a dog fan

Indy and Rudi

“My dogs are always excited to see me and give love and affection unconditionally.”

Carys, 28, self-confessed crazy cat-lady

Montecord and Marmalade

"Cats are far friendlier than people think - my two always come to the door to greet me or my partner when we get home."

Rhys, 29, has a puppy and a parrot


"Dogs make us get out of the house and go on long walks. They are also loyal, better looking and don't hate birds - which is good for our other pet, the parrot!"

Helen, 28, couldn't love her kittens more

Kylo and Venkman

"The reason cats are the best? There are so many! They are friendly, affectionate and welcoming after a long day at work. They always bring a smile to your face, especially when they are cuddled up and purring on your lap."

Well, there you have it, it's seven to cars, six to dogs in the Admiral office. Do you agree? Let us know by tweeting @AdmiralUK with some pictures of your lovely pets.

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