15 pet influencers to look out for


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​​​​​​​Did you know that some of the most followed Instagram accounts belong to animals?


From celebrity dogs to famous cats, we’ve rounded up some of the most Instagram famous pets of 2018.

Monty the Miniature Dachshund (@MontyMiniDachshund)

He may be miniature in stature, but he’s a giant when it comes to personality! Monty is the UK’s #1 dachshund on Instagram, and loves swimming, bow-ties and tennis balls. He has a notorious smile and can often be found in fancy dress!

I Am Lil Bub (@IamLilBub)

Lil Bub is one of the best-known cats on Instagram. She is a 7-year-old cat living with her dad in the United States. Lil Bub was the runt of her litter and needed to be bottle fed. Her unique appearance, particularly her protruding tongue, is what has garnered her so much fame.

Juniper the Fox (@juniperfoxx)

Juniper is smiley, cuddly and all-around lovable. With over 2 million followers on Instagram, Juniper has a dedicated fanbase. While she may seem just like any other domesticated pet, her mum warns that foxes are difficult pets, and keeping one indoors isn’t straightforward.


A post shared by J U N I P E R & F I G (@juniperfoxx) on

Ludwik the Guinea Pig (@Ludwik_Guinea_Pig)

Ludwik is a hairless guinea pig who flaunts his lavish lifestyle on Instagram. However, his beginnings were a far cry from the life he’s living now. When Ludwik was adopted, he had pneumonia, conjunctivitis and a fungal infection. His mum nursed him back to health and has been giving him loads of love and attention ever since.

Hamlet the Piggy (@hamlet_the_piggy)

While most of the pets on this list were rescued by their parents, Hamlet was the one who did the rescuing. Hamlet’s mum suffers from epilepsy and her husband wanted her to have an animal companion to help her through her tough days in a way that he couldn’t.

☺️Smile! It’s almost Friday! #Throwback

A post shared by Hamlet (@hamlet_the_piggy) on

Melvin and Bianca (@bunnymelv)

Melvin and Bianca are a pair of rabbits who live in Sweden. They’re cage-free and litter trained. They spend their days roaming about their home, enjoying many cuddles and treats along the way.

They always look like they’re posing for an album cover 👫

A post shared by Melvin 🐰 Bianca 🐱 (@bunnymelv) on

Pumpkin the Racoon (@pumpkintheraccoon)

When Pumpkin was only one month old, she was discovered with a broken leg in her soon-to-be mum’s backyard. Four years later, Pumpkin is living her best life in the Bahamas surrounded by both her human and animal family.

Diddy and Yeti Kong (@realdiddykong)

Diddy Kong and his brother Yeti are two finger monkeys (marmosets) living in Miami, USA. Their account has over one million followers, including celebrities such as Neil Patrick Harris and Snoop Dogg.

“Happy Friday!!!😄🐒” - Yeti Kong

A post shared by Diddy Kong & Yeti Kong (@realdiddykong) on

Lionel and Lilo, the Hogs (@LionelTheHog)

Lionel and Lilo are African pygmy hedgehogs living with their family in South Carolina, USA. They love tiny hats and snacks, as demonstrated in their adorable photos.

Jack the Cockatiel (@jackthecockatiel)

Jack is a 25-year-old cockatiel. He has more in common with humans than you might think! Jack eats three meals a day, loves flowers and prefers walking over flying.


A post shared by Jack the Cockatiel (@jackthecockatiel) on

MacGyver the Lizard (@macgyverlizard)

MacGyver is a 1.5 stone lizard. He loves grapes and basking in the sun.

Mom explaining to me how Supreme Court nominations work

A post shared by MacGyver the Lizard (@macgyverlizard) on

Teddy the Shetland (@teddytheshetland)

Teddy is a 3-year-old Shetland Pony living in the UK. With loads of celebrity friends and followers, Teddy is without a doubt one of the most famous pets in the UK.

Mr Bagel the Chinchilla (@chinnybuddy)

If Mr Bagel wasn’t cute enough on his own, the mini props he often carries make him even cuter! Mr Bagel uses his status as a celebrity to help campaign for animal rights.

Goats Gone Grazing Acres (@goats_gone_grazing_acres)

Goats Gone Grazing Acres is both a blog and Instagram account that follows the adventures of a herd goats living on a farm in Kentucky, USA. At last count, there were 53 goats living on their farm.

Jill the Squirrel (@this_girl_is_a_squirrel)

Jill is a 5-year-old squirrel who was rescued following the devastation of Hurricane Isaac in the United States. After falling from her nest, Jill was taken in by a family in Louisiana. While she lives indoors, Jill is rarely confined to a cage and spends most of her time roaming freely around the house.

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