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10 tricks to make your pet an Instagram star

Want to make your pet Instagram famous? Follow these tips to help your pet reach celebrity status.


Instagram influencers are some of the most sought-after people of our era. More and more people are turning to the Instagram famous for their primary source of upcoming trends.

In recent years, the ever-growing social media platform has seen a rise in pet-focused accounts. Many cute animals are now amassing more followers than their owners. Monty the Miniature Dachshund isn’t the only famous pet on Instagram!

Thinking of joining all the famous dogs, cats and other pets on Instagram? We’ve prepared a list of our 10 best tricks to help make your pet an Instagram star.

1. Research your competition

Before you even create an Instagram account for your pet, you need to do some research. Check out highly successful accounts to see what they’re doing to perform so well. This will give you a strong indication of how people choose who to follow on Instagram.

You need to know exactly what is expected of successful Instagram accounts in your niche. Follow other pet accounts to ensure your feed is consistently populated with relevant content. This will help keep you inspired, but also help you begin to amass followers.

2. Know your audience

Instagram names can be difficult to come up with and you’ll also need to make sure you have the best bio for Instagram.

Try to avoid generic names and instead look for something descriptive, but unique. Look at who has the most followers on Instagram and try to create a bio in the same style as theirs.

3. Network

To build a successful Instagram account, you need to network both on and offline.

Online, it’s important that you engage within your community. When people comment on your posts, make sure to always respond. Additionally, you should comment on and like other Instagram users’ posts.

Posting photos of cute puppies isn’t enough to help build your account, you really need to network and be engaged with your followers.

Offline networking means attending events tailored to pet-owners. There are pop-up events all across the UK that provide fantastic networking opportunities for celebrity pet parents.

These events are key for building lasting relationships with brands and other pet-owners. Use these opportunities to ask other pet influencers how to become Instagram famous, as they’ll have some great tips that they’ve learnt first-hand.

4. Have a consistent style

Your Instagram grid needs to look cohesive. One of the easiest ways to ensure a consistent grid is to use presets in Adobe Lightroom. You can download presets to ensure that your photos are always edited consistently, using the same filters and adjustments and creating the same style. 

This will help curate an Instagram account that your followers will be able to quickly recognise in their feeds.

5. Master pet photography

Trying to get perfect pictures of pets for you to upload can be challenging and will require some training for both you and your pet. While mastering pet photography might take a bit of time, it is worthwhile to make sure your account’s a success. You could also try having some photos taken by a professional pet photographer.

6. Work those hashtags!

Instagram lets you use a total of 30 hashtags per post, so use them all! It’s also important to use the right hashtags. You can use tools such as Hashtagify and Keyhole to really nail your hashtag strategy.

7. Monitor your growth

One of the best ways to monitor your growth and engagement is through Instagram itself. Upgrade your account to a business account (it’s free!) to get access to some strong analytics tools, including:

  • Where your followers are based
  • How old your followers typically are
  • What time of the day your followers are most active

Monitoring your growth is also important because it helps you work out what content you should be posting most often. Learn from your past posts so you can create the best possible feed to entice follower engagement.

8. Follow a schedule

There are some great tools out there to help you schedule and automate your Instagram posts. Planoly is a great option because it allows you to see what your grid will look like once your next posts are added. This is a great way to check your grid works together as a whole. Later is another popular Instagram scheduling tool.

It’s also important that you post consistently. Try to schedule one post each day. If you have an Instagram business account, you can get all kinds of great data about your audience and the best time to post.

9. Don’t forget to let your pet’s personality shine through

There’s a reason your pet deserves to be Instagram famous! Accounts with personality and character will outperform other accounts. Make sure your posts are relatable and emotive.

An imperfect photo that makes people laugh or smile is more likely to increase your engagement than a perfectly composed pet portrait.

10. Be patient!

Remember, Doug the Pug didn’t become Instagram famous overnight!

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