What’s the most popular month to get engaged?

Valentine’s Day is a popular occasion for popping the question but our research reveals another month for the most engagements


When you think of the perfect proposal what do you see? A beautiful summer’s day, a gorgeous winter’s night? Or is Valentine’s Day the ideal time to get down on one knee and pop the question? 

Admiral Home Insurance saw a record number of engagement rings added to contents insurance policies in 2021 with 25% more engagement rings added as a specified item than the previous year.

And our data shows that romance is alive and well in the UK all year around.

The most popular months to get engaged:

  1. September
  2. August
  3. July
  4. December
  5. October
  6. January
  7. November
  8. June
  9. May
  10. March
  11. February
  12. April

Popular months for proposals 

While you may think of February as the most romantic month of the year, it would seem that the Brits prefer a brisk autumn day to ask the big question. September is actually the top month for engagement rings being added to Home Insurance policies.  

In second joint place are July and August, showing that there’s plenty of romantics out there who prefer ‘summer loving’. And perhaps unsurprisingly, December is the third most popular month for getting engaged around Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

The average cost of an engagement ring

And it’s not just the number of people getting engaged that has gone up, as the average value of engagement rings has gone up by 8% from £4,340 to £4,670 in 2021 compared to 2020.

Looking at postcode areas it would seem those living in the Western Isles of Scotland spent the most on engagement rings with the average value at around £8,500 last year. Bristol and Crewe were not far behind with an average of around £8,000.

Top ten postcode regions with the highest value of engagement rings


Average value of engagement ring*

HS - Hebrides


BS - Bristol


CW - Crewe


NN - Northampton


KA - Kilmarnock


EC - East Central London


S - Sheffield


WA - Warrington


PH - Perth


SG – Stevenage


Top Ten postcode regions with the highest value of engagement rings*

By comparison Croydon saw the lowest average of around £2,900, which shows that people are prepared to spurge when it comes to securing a hand in marriage.

Top Ten postcode regions with the lowest value of engagement rings*


Average value of engagement ring*

CR - Croydon


SL - Slough


NP - Newport


SP - Salisbury


ME - Maidstone


LL - Llandudno


HX - Halifax


GU - Guildford


HU - Hull


EH - Edinburgh


*Only including postcode regions where more than 10 engagement rings were added to policies 

“Noel Summerfield, Admiral’s head of Home Insurance, says, “We know that Valentine’s Day brings out the romantic side in many people, and one thing the pandemic hasn’t put a damper on is romance - last year we saw a record number of engagement rings added to contents insurance policies. 

However, whenever and wherever your perfect proposal may be it’s important to make sure your engagement ring is protected by adding it to your home insurance policy, which you can do by following our guide here.

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