Seven of the best bank-breaking, luxury electric cars


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Electric cars obviously come with huge environmental benefits, but sometimes those zero emissions can come with a hefty price tag too. We’ve taken a look at some of the most luxurious electric supercars.

electric supercar


1. Rimac Concept One - Average price: £711,000

Rimac Autobili pulled out all the stops with this high-tech masterpiece; it even blew the LaFerrari off the drag strip.

With an impressive 1088 horsepower and an acceleration of zero to 60mph in just 2.8 seconds, it’s no surprise the Rimac Concept One takes the hot spot for the most expensive electric car.

The high-performance sports car has a separate electric motor for each wheel and advanced touchscreen technology. It’s a technological masterpiece.

2. Mercedes Benz SLS Electric Drive - Average price: £391,000

Mercedes went to town on this model – the most powerful AMG ever made. The SLS Electric Drive puts out 740 horsepower, 727lb ft of immediate torque and, like the Rimac Concept One, has four separate electric motors.

This revolutionary electric sports car has an acceleration of zero to 60mph in 3.9 seconds, so it’s faster than most, and a 60 kilowatt-hour battery. In fact, Mercedes’ PR claims it to be “the most powerful AMG high-performance vehicle of all time”.

The Mercedes Benz SLS Electric Drive has astounding power and quality craftsmanship, making it the most expensive Mercedes-Benz production and the second most costly electric car.

Mercedes Benz

3. Rolls-Royce 102 EX - Average price: £355,000

Iconic British manufacturer Rolls Royce combined electric power with traditional craftsmanship to create the 102 EX model.

It wouldn’t be a Rolls Royce if it delivered high-speed performance. This luxury electric car has 389 horsepower and an acceleration of zero to 60 in less than eight seconds.

Rolls Royce is moving with the times, and we can’t fault them for it.

Rolls Royce

4. Mercedes Benz EQA - Average price: £249,000

This compact electric vehicle was showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2017. The EQA, which flaunts a hatchback silhouette, is powered by two electric motors and has a strong driving performance dynamic thanks to the all-wheel drive system and the “Sport” and “Sport Plus” driving programs.

The Mercedes Benz EQA offers excellent handling, 250 miles of range and acceleration to 60mph in five seconds. Not only is this electric car powerful, it has striking features (including futuristic laser-fibre light technology), that make it look the part too.

5. Genovation GXE - Average price: £235,000

The Genovation GXE is regarded in the automotive world as the fastest street-legal electric car. The all-electric corvette can reach 60mph in just three seconds and has 602lb/ft of torque due to the two electric motors, which each have 250kw at their disposal.

This rear-drive vehicle produces 130 miles of range and a whopping 800 horsepower, plus it has a top speed of 200mph. The GXE combines high power with style, which is why it’s made it to the list of the most expensive electric cars.

6. Lightning GT - Average price: £213,000

The Lightning GT has evolved from its diesel version to become an all-electric supercar. With two 22kWh lithium titanate battery packs that can recharge in just 10 minutes and an on-board charger that can fully charge the vehicle in five hours, the Lightning GT proves to be pretty impressive.

The electric sports car offers impeccable performance, with an acceleration rate of zero to 60 in four seconds and a monstrous 700 horsepower. The Lightning GT really does live up to its namesake.

7. eRuf Model A - Average price: £135,000

This German manufactured car may be familiar to you if you’ve played Gran Turismo. The eRuf Model A can hit 60mph in less than seven seconds and offers an impressive 201 horsepower.

The eRuf Model A has a top speed of 140mph and looks just like a Porsche. It’s no wonder this car comes with a hefty price tag, but it is still much cheaper than some of the other electric cars on the market.

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