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Our roads are busier than ever and these days our children are often more distracted when they're crossing roads. It's not a good combination for road safety.

1 in 10 children admit to talking on their phones, texting or listening to a music player when they're crossing the road. So they're not paying full attention to the potential dangers. Parents often unwittingly set a bad example by doing the same. And as less than half of parents follow the Green Cross Code, it's not surprising that around 20% of children don't follow it either (source: Admiral survey with Opinion Matters in January 2011).

The Green Cross Code was launched 40 years ago, long before these gadgets appeared. But its key messages are still just as valid today.

Road safety advice for today

We've put together a 21st Century update on the Green Cross Code, with presenter Angellica Bell explaining the dangers facing children on today's roads, and how to reduce the risks. It also features Kevin Clinton, head of road safety at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

Take a look and most important, get your kids to watch it too. And help them remember and use the 21st Century Green Cross Code:

  • Find a safe place, ideally at a designated crossing
  • Stop just before the kerb, not too close to the traffic
  • Put away your mobile phones and gadgets and remove your earphones
  • Look all around for traffic - it could come from any direction
  • Listen - sometimes you can hear traffic before you can see it
  • Nothing you're doing right now is more important than crossing the road safely.

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