Reasons to consider borrowing a car


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With Veygo by Admiral Car Sharing Insurance, you can borrow (or lend) a friend or family member's car on a temporary basis. But why might you consider sharing a car?

With the average cost of running a new car at £9,264 a year, it's understandable why more of us are put off taking to the roads in our own set of wheels. But, just because you don't own a car yourself, it doesn't mean you can't be out there driving.

If you don't own a car, the likelihood is that you don't need one on a day-to-day basis, but there are times when having the use of a car can make life a lot simpler. Hiring a car can be extremely expensive too, so the option to borrow someone else's on a temporary basis is something worth considering.

Whether you're moving away to university, going on a road trip or heading to a festival, there are plenty of reasons to car share and enjoy the benefits of being able to drive for yourself!

So, why might you need to car share?

While at university

If you're a student, it's coming up to that time of year when you'll find yourself leaving home again and re-accommodating to student halls and houses up and down the country. For most students, the luxury of owning a car and paying for a year's worth of car insurance while away at uni is something unaffordable. However, it can be useful to have access to a car during certain times of your studies and with Car Sharing Insurance it's both affordable and easy.

Going home for the weekend

If you're going back home on the odd weekend, chances are you'll want to see family and friends. You could borrow your parents' car for a day or two and find it simple and straightforward to transport yourself around when you're back at home.

Borrowing your housemate's car

Maybe one of your housemates owns a car and you need to borrow it for a day trip, or you're going on a trip together and would prefer to split the driving. Perhaps your housemate has gone away for a few days and they're happy to let you use their car.

Visiting friends elsewhere

When you first move away to university, you'll be moving further away from a lot of your friends from home. If you're able to borrow a car, visiting them without the hassles and problems that public transport sometimes pose is an easy way to re-connect.

Road trip

It's difficult to plan a road trip without the use of a vehicle! We all love a good road trip and it's likely that between a few of you, someone will have access to a car that they can borrow for a few days. Once someone is happy to lend you their vehicle, all you need is Car Sharing Insurance and you can enjoy your trip without any worries.

Helping out a friend or family member

If one of your friends or family members is too ill to drive, being able to make use of their car to give them a hand with chores and lifts is a great way to help out. As Car Sharing Insurance can start straight away, it can be a lifesaver when you need to borrow a car at short notice.

Moving house

When you're moving, you'll have boxes upon boxes of belongings, big pieces of furniture and lots of stuff you didn't even realise you owned. It can be handy to borrow a bigger car or friend's vehicle during a move and it's one of the perfect times to use car sharing.

Going to a festival

With summer time comes the festival season. If you're the type to dust of the wellies for another summer full of fields and fun then you're likely thinking about how you want to get to and from your chosen event. Dragging all your belongings (and probably a tent too) around on public transport isn't much fun. By borrowing a car, you can make the festival journey much more enjoyable.

Sharing the driving

Long trips can be tiring. If you're planning a long-distance driving trip, Car Sharing Insurance gives you the option to share some of the driving. Not only is this safer (allowing any drivers to take necessary breaks) but it can also make these long trips less stressful and draining.

Rather than buying or renting, choosing Car Sharing Insurance has plenty of benefits. By taking out this temporary car insurance, you'll often find it's much cheaper and that cover can start immediately, giving you the freedom you want.

Veygo Car Sharing Insurance has benefits available to both the borrower and the lender too. Find out more about our Car Sharing Insurance benefits.

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