Is your car festival-ready?


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If you're heading to Bestival or Reading Festival this summer, make sure your car is festival-ready

festival goers at car

You've battled your way through the cobwebs in the attic to retrieve your tent and last year's mud-stiff sleeping bags are getting a good airing on the washing line. Yes, it's official, festival season is upon us!

Whether you're heading to Seaclose Park for the Isle of Wight Festival, rocking out at Reading or Leeds, or hot-footing it to Dorset for this year's Bestival, music and art festivals are a staple of British summertime. 

But have you thought about your car? Is your mode of transport to this year's festival ready for it?

Car hire company Europcar, enlisted the help of seasoned festival-goer, Ed McCambridge, to provide a list of handy tips for festival-goers and their cars.

As any seasoned pro will tell you, preparing yourself for a weekend festival isn't just remembering to pack a mac (though it'll definitely help!). For that truly enjoyable festival experience, there's a lot to consider and that includes your car.

More than just a car

"As a festival-goer with more than 10 festivals under my belt already, I've learnt that when it comes to camping, a little preparation goes a long way," said 23-year-old Ed.

"And getting your car festival-ready can make a big difference to the whole experience.

"First of all, does the car have enough boot space for all of the festival essentials? Plus, think about the car as a good ‘backup’ if the tent falls down or the weather gets just too bad to sleep under canvas.  Do the seats recline to comfortable sleeping levels and are the heating and air-con in working order?

packed car boot

"The latest cars also have plenty of other added extras that only the shrewdest of festival-goers will think to exploit. For instance, a car's lighter socket can provide the energy supply for a whole host of appliances with the right adapter - from phone charger to hair straighteners.

"And investigate storage space in the car. I once went to the Isle of Wight Festival with a friend whose car had a cavity under the boot – so drinks were ice-cold all weekend!

"Four-wheel drive is always a good shout given the UK climate. I've certainly seen my fair share of mud baths over the years and, trust me; you don'’t want to be pushing your car out of the mud, bleary-eyed the morning after. Plus, needless to say, a good sound system will postpone the post-festival blues for the journey home."

Festival-ready car checklist

Make sure your car is ready to drive to a festival.

  • You'll want a large boot for all festival essentials
  • Comfy seats in case you need to catch a few winks and your tent'’s in a heap
  • Working air-con and heating
  • An adaptable lighter socket (12v) for little luxuries
  • A cool place to store food and drink, helping to avoid supermarket runs
  • Four-wheel drive to overcome the mud baths often seen at Glastonbury
  • A good sound system for the journey home

Other things to consider before you set off

There plenty of other things to think about before you drive to a festival. 

  • Plan your journey and make sure you have the best route
  • Make sure you have enough fuel
  • Check your car is in good working order – oil, coolant, tyre pressures and screen wash
  • Allow extra time as the roads will be filled with fellow festival-goers
  • Avoid busy commuter times
  • Follow official festival signage to get to designated car parks
  • Be prepared! Take some water and snacks in case you do hit festival traffic hot spots

While you're preparing for a weekend of fun, we're sure insurance is the furthest thing from your mind, but take a look at our festivals and insurance guide to make sure all your stuff is protected while you're camping or partying this summer. 


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