Finding the right 7-seater for you


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Find out all about the best seven seater cars to suit all personality types. Read our guide to see which car you should consider buying

Trying to find the perfect seven-seater car, but don't know which is right for you?

With so many cars out there, it's tough to figure out the perfect option for your lifestyle. To help you work it out, just read our detailed list of the best seven-seaters available.

Whether you need a family car, a sporty number or maybe you're looking for your dream car, we hope we've found the right one for you.

Adventurous spirit: Land Rover Discovery

Perfect if you have dreams of driving down the sand dunes of the Sahara or through the grassy Highlands of Scotland, or even for those who just enjoy exhilarating country drives.

As the name suggests, if you have a passion for exploring the world around you, the Discovery might be the car for you.

Built to endure water, gravel, grass, sand and mud, in addition to the usual tarmac, this off-roader can handle whatever is thrown its way.

WhatCar? describes the Discovery as giving a smooth ride, incredibly spacious and comfortable, and having a bold and modern look. This seven-seater is sure to thrill the wild at heart.

Average Insurance Group: 33

Average Annual Tax: £362

Price: £44,650-£47,500

Note: There are many versions of each model of a particular car, and each version of a car has a unique insurance group and annual vehicle tax. We have included an average insurance group and average annual vehicle tax to give you an idea. Depending on the model you're considering, the actual insurance group or annual vehicle tax could be higher or lower than listed.

Family feud fighter: Seat Alhambra

As any parent knows, safety comes first, which is why the Alhambra - with its impressive 5/5 star Euro NCAP safety rating - is well equipped to keep you and your family safe.

Boasting, among other safety features, seven airbags, electric child locks, lane assist (to prevent vehicle drifting), blind spot detection (that signifies nearby oncoming traffic) and a multi-collision braking system that automatically brakes in the case of a crash, it's clear how the Alhambra earned its five stars.

As an added family necessity, this car is a comfortable and spacious ride. In fact, the Alhambra is designed so that the seats in the back row are just as large and comfortable as those in the middle row - which should stop the squabbles over who sits where.

Average Insurance Group: 26

Average Annual Tax: £176

Price: £26,190-£34,840

Eco-friendly: Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

Working hard to reduce its environmental footprint, Citroen incorporates lighter materials into the design of the Grand C4 Picasso, which have reduced the weight of the car by a whopping 140kg.

And if this wasn't accomplishment enough, the Picasso also has various green engine options that further help reduce fuel consumption. The most efficient of these models can get up to 74 miles-per-gallon. That is pretty remarkable for an MPV.

Average Insurance Group: 17

Average Annual Tax: £27.50

Price: £19,970-£28,460

Sleek and sporty: Ford S-Max

A clean, modern appearance and comparatively smaller body than other MPVs are likely what give the S-Max its stylish appearance and what lead WhatCar? to describe the vehicle as feeling like a sporty hatchback.

However, aside from just feeling like a sports car, the S-Max also moves like one. WhatCar? describes the S-Max as being incredibly agile, with sharp steering and good body control, and calls the S-Max one of the most fun MPVs to drive on the market.

Average Insurance Group: 24

Average Annual Tax: £186

Price: £24,545-£34,945

Dream-worthy: Tesla Model S

With beautiful, sleek and elegant lines, the Tesla Model S has a sporty, almost bat-mobile like appearance. The interior follows suit, with luxurious leather seats, fine wood-panelling, and an impressive 17-inch user-friendly touch screen.

Like every Tesla before it, the Model S paves the way for the car industry, running purely on electricity. If the appearance wasn't enough to make you fall in love, you might admire the Model S after learning that the car can fare an impressive 260-285 miles on a charge, depending on the model. The car also boasts a five star Euro NCAP safety rating, seven seats, top technology, and an environmentally friendly design approach.

If it's pay day and you feel like splurging big money on your new seven-seater, this is definitely a car worth considering.

Average Insurance Group: 50

Average Annual Tax: £0

Price: £60,435-£85,335

Comfort caravan: Ford Galaxy

In many ways the Ford Galaxy is a larger version of the smaller, sportier S-Max. Basically, ceilings were raised and boot space was added.

The raised ceilings allow for more head room, and ultimately more comfortable accommodation for adults.

The increased storage results in 308 litres of free space with all seven seats upright, and an impressive 2,300+ litres of space with the back-row down. This means more room for groceries, sports equipment, and even luggage.

Average Insurance Group: 25

Average Annual Tax: £213

Price: £26,445-£36,760

Lavish living: Volvo XC90

As far as MPVs go, the Volvo XC90 is hard to beat. Not only is it stylish, but it comes equipped with plush, comfortable seats, an adult-accommodating back row, and even a spacious boot. If this weren't lavish enough however, it continues to tick all the boxes with a simple, modern dashboard containing a central touch screen, and numerous safety features - as one would expect from the Volvo brand.

It's not surprising that both WhatCar? and Auto Express give the XC90 5/5 stars.

Average Insurance Group: 38

Average Annual Tax: £290

Price: £45,750-£63,705

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