Driving in Europe: be safe


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Check out these three top tips for staying safe when driving abroad

  • Driving on the wrong side of the road - you'll probably be driving on the right of the road, not the left and after stopping for a break, it's easy to forget and pull off and start driving on the left. Here are some useful tips about driving, road signs and traffic in Europe
  • Theft or other incidents - a handbag, camera or laptop on display will be just as tempting to criminals abroad as it would in the UK. Keep it hidden, and if you're unsure about security where you're going, you can check on advice from the Foreign Office. If you have an emergency other than a breakdown (such as an accident), you can call the 112 number which works in all the EU member states
  • Emergency cash - finally, make sure you carry cash for each country you're visiting. If you're being adventurous and exploring off the beaten track, any shops or petrol stations you do find, may not accept credit or debit cards

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