How to beat the Bank Holiday traffic


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Bank Holiday driving is the bane of many drivers' lives which is why we've put this handy guide together to help you on your journeys


The lure of a 'free' day to add to annual leave or school holidays tempts many people out into their cars for Bank Holiday trips. Unfortunately, in their cars is where they often stay for most of the day.

How to beat the Bank Holiday traffic jam blues

No one wants to be stuck on traffic-filled roads over their Bank Holiday weekend; there are a few things you can do to avoid being stuck in traffic and make the most of your long weekend.

Leave early 

If you have a fair distance to go, try and start very early in the morning or even during the night before. But make sure you're not too tired to drive - share the driving if you can.

Allow extra time

If you can't get away early, allow extra time. Accepting the fact that it will probably take you longer will help ease the stress.

Avoid busy roads

Try to choose quieter routes to your destination. Perhaps opt for an A-road instead of the motorway. 

Check your car is in good working order

Check your car's oil, coolant, tyre pressures and screen wash before you go (the day before, to avoid rushing). And your caravan's tyre pressures if you're towing. Take your mobile phone in case you need to phone for breakdown recovery.

Make sure you have enough fuel

Stop-start traffic increases fuel consumption. And topping-up at your local supermarket filling station before you go will almost certainly be cheaper than filling up at a motorway services.

Make sure you know the route

Have your Sat Nav set up and ready to go, print out a route from one of the online route planners or have an up to date road map with you.

Avoid traffic hot-spots

Try and plan your route to avoid the well-known motorway congestion spots, such as the M25, M23, M55 and M5/M4 interchange.

Check for radio updates

Most modern cars have a RDS radio which can update you with local and national traffic incidents (it's usually the TA or TP button) - hopefully giving you time to avoid them.

Be prepared

Make sure you'll be comfortable if you get stuck in a jam. Have plenty of water, snacks and sweets on board, plus games and music for the children.

Stay at home!

Instead of trying to get away for the Bank Holiday, make the most of having extra time at home and do some Bank Holiday DIY. Alternatively, spend the day somewhere closer to home and cycle instead.

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