Quick fixes to help sell your home


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The summer months are a great time to sell your home - everything looks better in the sunshine, and hopefully all those prospective buyers will feel invigorated by the sun and do some viewings.

So you've made the decision to sell your home, but are there any quick fixes you can do to help your home on its way to new owners?

The good news is that there are. Here, we share some quick, and most importantly, cheap fixes you can do at the weekend or even after work to get your house looking tiptop.

First impressions

Home planter

What would people think of your home from the outside? Cutting the lawn can be a last-minute pick-me-up, and feeding it a couple of weeks before viewings will give it a health boost. Pay attention to any outdoor paint that may need retouching as well as pulling out any weeds and keeping stonework clean - borrow a jet wash to remove any difficult marks. Think about adding a splash of colour with hanging baskets or potted plants.

Top tip: Builders' merchants sell brick acid for next to nothing, use it to clean paving slabs, stone work etc. Always handle with caution and wear protective clothing



Caulk is your best friend. Any cracks in your paintwork, grout or sealant or any gaps around windowsills etc, run some caulk over them and smooth with your thumb. Finely sand down before painting over if needs be. Caulk is cheap and available in supermarkets and DIY stores, and will fill all those pesky cracks and gaps.

Top tip: Dampen your thumb before smoothing caulk for a smoother finish



Tired dado rails, radiators, doors and skirting boards can be quickly freshened up with a lick of gloss. It really does make a difference when everything looks gleaming white rather than a grubby yellowing colour.

Top tip: Apply gloss with a mini gloss roller for super quick application

Smell check

Air freshener

Make sure you ship kitty or poochy off to a friend's house before viewings - people may be put off by pets, and you don't want to risk any bad smells. Open the windows before showings to bring in fresh air and dot the odd plug-in around the house. A vase of fresh flowers that buyers see upon entering your home never goes amiss.

Top tip: Don't go for heavy scents, keep them light and fresh - think cotton or gentle citrus

Update the little things


If your kitchen cupboards and bedroom furniture are in good condition, think about replacing old handles and knobs with more modern fittings. You can also replace old taps for new as well as light fixtures and switches. You don't have to spend a lot to add modern touches throughout your home.

Top tip: Try discount home stores or eBay for cheap handles and light switches

50 shades of beige

Beige paint

Importantly, prospective buyers need to be able to picture themselves in your home so it's a good idea to present them with a blank canvas. If your walls are anything but a neutral colour, we suggest buying a couple of drums of magnolia and painting the whole interior. It may not be as quick as the other fixes, but rope some friends in to help and you'll get it done in no time!

Top tip: If walls are porous add a drop of water to your paint and do a wet coat before painting properly

Looking for more tips?

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