The most expensive celebrity kitchens

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, so it’s no wonder that Brits spend thousands of pounds making sure their kitchen both looks good and is full of the latest appliances. Celebrities are no exception, and thanks to online home tours and social media, it’s easy to sneak a peek at how the A-listers have designed their kitchens. 

But with so many expensive-looking materials and top-of-the-range gadgets, have you ever wondered how much the kitchens of the rich and famous might be worth? With the help of London-based interior design studio Amberth, we estimated the value of some of the most jaw-dropping celebrity kitchens.

1. Jennifer Lopez: £150k


Picture credit: Jade Mills Estates

The kitchen at the top of our list belongs to singer and actress J Lo, with a value estimation of a whopping £150k. The stunning skylight floods the French country-style kitchen with sunlight, illuminating the patinated and ornamented traditional wooden-finish cabinets and marble worktops. The huge kitchen island (perfect for big family dinners) is wrapped in brass – quite a rare and beautiful material to find as a kitchen surface. Two large cookers and a hood blend in seamlessly with the kitchen’s country-chic style. 

2. Kim Kardashian: £120k

Kim Kardashian’s kitchen shows off the influencer’s high-fashion but minimalist taste. The kitchen is awash with muted tones and warm, earthy materials. A large set of industrial-looking cookers sit opposite an expansive, family-friendly kitchen island, finished with Corian worktops and integrated sinks. We estimate this impressive kitchen to be worth at least £120k. 

3. Barack and Michelle Obama: £95k


Picture credit: McFadden Group

The Obama family’s traditional in-frame shaker-style kitchen features stunning natural marble worktops, ideal for a warmer climate because the stone stays cool. These types of units are usually made of alder wood and then hand-painted, but a similar aesthetic can be achieved with MDF. The different finish of the pull handles contrasts well against the white drawers and cabinets. A large six-burner stove provides ample room for cooking up a feast for the family. 

4. Hilary Duff: £90k

Hilary Duff’s quirky kitchen contrasts bold monochrome tiles with dark blue cabinets that combine traditional cottage-style and flat panelled units. A unique brass bar shelving system creates a minimalistic storage solution that leaves enough room to show off the tiles. 

Composite stone worktops and two sprawling kitchen islands finish the chic yet cosy family-friendly feel of this kitchen. 

5. Kendall Jenner: £90k

The model and influencer’s elegant kitchen showcases expansive marble countertops and modern shaker-style cabinets painted in a rich teal. The large kitchen island features a full stave solid wood worktop and teak stools. The aged faucets and large butler sink create a large yet stylish washing area.

6. Cara Delevingne: £85k

The supermodel’s kitchen contrasts rich blue cabinets with a light marble worktop with pretty ogee-style edges. This kitchen is perfect for a dinner party, with a large double traditional oven and a rotisserie chicken oven too. Brass cabinet handles, lamps, and taps act as striking focal points. 

7. Adam Levine: £80k

Adam Levine’s light and spacious kitchen features minimalist cream cabinets and a veneer or ply whitewash finish. The worktops suggest a natural marble or Corian finish, framing a clad sink and washing area underneath the wide windows. Levine’s kitchen also features a pricey Sub-Zero integrated fridge and Miele appliances. 

8. Vanessa Hudgens: £75k

This modern shaker kitchen contains a built-in cooker hood hanging over the dark, striking wall tiles, and a large oven. Wall taps like Vanessa’s that can handily fill pots on the stove are becoming more popular in kitchens, according to our collaborator Amberth. 

Composite worktops – which Vanessa’s seem to be – are very easy to maintain and offer an attractive marble imitation with the durability of quartz. The butcher-style table at the centre of the room provides an additional preparation area, and the chunky oak shelves with flush-fitted LED lights add a modern gallery feel. 

9. Kris Jenner: £60k

The original Momager’s modern and sophisticated kitchen contrasts forest green cabinets against an expensive-looking marble backsplash and silver fixtures. The worktops look like they’re made from either a composite stone or porcelain and the island is clad in stone and features a floating breakfast bar made of either veneer, solid wood, or stainless steel. 

10. Dakota Johnson: £45k

Dakota Johnson’s kitchen oozes charm and is the most inexpensive celebrity kitchen in our ranking. The in-frame flat-panelled units are painted a lush, warm green and have exposed hinges. The composite stone worktop complements the white splashback tiles. Appliances include a pricey Sub-Zero fridge and Viking cooker and dishwasher. 


We manually researched the contents of kitchens from 25 A-list celebrities, before working with interior design studio Amberth to estimate the value of the celebrity kitchens based on photos and videos that were available online and creating a top 10 out of the highest value kitchens in our estimations. Photos and videos of the celebrity kitchens were sourced from Architectural Digest’s YouTube channel or real estate listings. While some information about exact materials and appliances in the kitchens are sourced from the celebrity interviews themselves, others are Amberth’s estimation of materials and appliances based on appearance.

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