The best apps and tech to make moving home easier


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Moving is a daunting prospect and an awful lot of work, or is it? Maybe not with our handy tips

Moving home apps

Anything that makes the process of moving home easier is surely a good thing, so we’ve found some apps and websites to make dreaded tasks like paperwork, cleaning and hiring a van that little bit easier.

How to find a new home

Investigating the area where you’d like to live is your first port of call. provides an easy way to do this. At the click of a button you can discover the closest train and bus stops in the postcode area, as well as local crime rates and average sold and rental house prices.

This is a great way to clearly compare different areas if you are stuck between two properties, giving a succinct and detailed overview.

Knowing where to start when buying a new home is pretty tough, which is why we've put together this great guide to buying a home which takes you through the process step-by-step.

Dealing with the house-move paperwork

There are a lot of organisations who’ll need to know you’re moving house – your gas and electric providers, broadband provider and local council to name but a few. Instead of individually contacting each company, simplifies the process, and allows you to contact up to 1,500 organisations about your new details quickly and easily.

This removes a lot of the admin-related stress that comes with moving home and can give you some peace of mind.

Packing: where do you begin?

Picture this: you’ve moved into your new property, the mountains of storage boxes are piled up, and you can’t even find your kettle. Sound like a situation you would want to avoid? Sortly, available on iPhone, is an app which revolutionises organising your move. It allows you to create custom locations in your home including specific rooms or even cupboards.

This means you can input all the items that have been stored and where they can be found. It not only provides a list of the locations, but also allows the user to add an image alongside the item’s quantity and price value. Sortly also includes a useful countdown feature which reminds the user of tasks that must be completed before the move date. A must-have app for the super organised mover!

Have a spring clean

Whether you wish to give your old home a thorough clean before leaving, or you want your new residence to be sparkling upon arrival, Bizzby is a convenient way to find professional cleaning services in your area.

There is no subscription involved, and can be found on Apple, Android and the web. Simply input your location and you can get on-demand cleaning services as well as handymen, engineers and gardeners.

Find the perfect man with a van

Moving everything you own is no easy task, especially if you don’t have your own van!

Removals comparison website, is able to match the user to a list of best suited companies within 30 seconds and then compares them directly. It also gives you the option to connect with them through the website. Booking online is straightforward and simple, and means that you can take the hassle out of having to scout around for the best prices in your area.

Smart tech for your home

Once you’ve moved in to your new house you can make the most of the new smart technology available to make home ownership easier.

Amazon Echo is a small and compact smart speaker with voice recognition that gets accustomed to the user’s voice and speech patterns.

The more times you use it, the more responsive it will become and the more features you can use. Alexa Voice Service can aid in setting an alarm, and can even get weather and news reports described to you. There are a multitude of services that the Amazon Echo provides, but it does come with the price tag of £149.99.

If you’re on a budget, the Echo Dot, a smaller version with limited but similar features is available for £49.99.

Smart heating

The Nest Thermostat programmes itself to your movements, it turns itself down when you’re away from home and knows the exact temperature user prefers. Nest contends that it has “saved over 8 billion kWh of energy in millions of homes worldwide”.

The smart technology uses Wi-Fi to connect to your smartphone, and will become more efficient as time passes as it learns your schedule and preferences. With prices starting at around £199.99, this is not a cheap investment, but it does promise to save you money on your household bills in the long run.

Insuring your new home


Make sure to let us know about the big move and that you have your contents covered when moving home in order to cover all eventualities. Use our Contents Calculator to identify if you need to update any details on your insurance policy. Good luck with your move!

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