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Keeping your home safe is one thing, but what about your garden? Read these essential tips from Admiral UK to protect yours.

Summer garden security

It's not just your home that contains valuable items - many people's garages and sheds are an Aladdin's cave of expensive belongings such as bikes and lawnmowers. So it's important to keep your garden, garage and shed safe too!

Think about the kind of things kept in your garden and if they could be used to break into your home.

Loose bricks and garden tools are commonly used to aid break-ins; make sure tools are locked away at night and when no one's home. Likewise, keep ladders firmly locked to an immovable object and, wherever possible, keep wheelie bins secure as they could offer burglars a handy leg up over walls or into windows.

Try to view your garden and home like a burglar would - if you can see a weak spot the chances are they can too. If you have a fence put trellis on the top of it; it won't be strong enough to support a burglar's weight if they try to climb over and falling off may attract enough attention to put them off.

If you have a long driveway or path, think about putting down chippings - a potential burglar could be deterred by the unavoidable underfoot crunching.

When it comes to garages and sheds make sure you keep them locked, especially if your garage has a connecting door to your home.

Top tips for keeping your garage and shed safe:

  • Fit strong padlocks and hardware to shed and garage doors and make sure they are strong enough not to be kicked through
  • Install a lockable steel box or anchor post to the floor for storing expensive equipment
  • Secure locks or bars to windows
  • Install lighting - exterior lights are off-putting for thieves. Fix them near doors and at the rear of your home in a high spot - keep them out of reach

Have you thought about insurance? Admiral Home Insurance can cover theft from an outbuilding, your garden's contents and garden plants.

For more information, visit our Home Insurance pages.

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