How to make the right impression and sell your home quickly


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First impressions count and never more so than when you're trying to sell your home

So whether you're in the process of trying to sell your house or are simply looking to do some home improvements, here are a few handy tips to give your home some real kerb appeal.

Enticing exterior

The look of the outside of your home gives an impression of what to expect on the inside before visitors even take their first step over the threshold.

Keep the outside looking clean, tidy and inviting rather than cluttered and in need of a scrub.

Once you're house becomes a home you're probably more focused on the inside than out. Stand on the kerb and appraise your house like someone seeing it for the first time might - is there peeling paint or cracked gutters? If the answers are yes then it's time whip out the paint and ladder.

Fabulous front door

This is the first thing a potential buyer will see when coming to visit your property, make sure it's clean, and if needs be, give it a lick of paint.

Eye catching front doors might be handy if you have guests coming to visit but may be off-putting to potential buyers, so keep it neutral.

Gorgeous garden

A looked after front garden might help the 'on-the-fence' buyer become a firm sale. Keeping your garden neat and tidy can be a great way to draw people to your property.

Freshly cut grass, flowers or plant pots, and a pathway free of any weeds or debris is attractive to a home buyer. A well-maintained front garden can give the impression that the inside of the home is cared for as well.

Driveway and porch

Every step a prospective homebuyer takes toward your home is an important one. The front porch and driveway, when kept clean, tidy and well maintained can be a real plus for some buyers.

Weeding the driveway might sound like a boring way to spend a Saturday afternoon but it's important if you want to keep your home looking its best.

Over the threshold

Once the exterior wows potential buyers, you can continue to make a great impression as they make their way inside.

Remember, presenting a simple, clean, attractive, home which exudes potential allows buyers to picture themselves putting their own stamp on the place.

Try these top tips to improve your home for sale

  • Seek expert advice- estate agents are a great place to start!
  • Save some money by making those home improvements yourself, clear the front garden, ensure it's free of weeds and pot fresh flowers or plants. If you have a steady hand you can also give the outside features a fresh coat of paint
  • It can be a real plus to have clean, painted windows and front door
  • Symmetry can be really appealing on the eye, a pot plant either side of the front door can be a great finishing touch
  • If you have outdoor lighting or a bell, it's good to check they are in full working order.

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