Seven ways to save on energy costs this winter


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How to keep those energy costs down this winter without catching a chill


There are some things you can do yourself that will help you save on your energy bills.

Just making a few small changes and taking some extra precautions around the home could be enough to bring those energy costs down.

Here are our top tips to cut your energy bills:

1. Bleed the radiators 

Bleeding radiators will help your radiators work more efficiently and save you money on your heating bills. Read our guide on how to bleed a radiator for more information.

2. Prevent burst pipes

Frozen pipes can be very tricky and costly to deal with. If you have any pipes outside or in any unheated crawl space then they’re more exposed to the cold winter temperatures. There are different ways to protect your home from burst pipes. For example you could use foam insulation around the pipes. If you are away from home, perhaps on a winter holiday, you may want to consider setting your heating to an automatic timer to help prevent the pipes from freezing.

3. Lock doors and windows

When you lock your windows and doors they push together more tightly. It can make a difference in the long run compared to just shutting them. It ensures they are sealed not to allow any escape of heat from your home.

4. Make use of your curtains

Aside from looking great they also have a practical purpose. When it‘s sunny make sure your curtains are open and allow your home to take in the heat from the sun shining in. Don’t forget to close your curtains in the evenings too so you keep that heat in.

5. Upgrade your thermostat

 If you don’t already have an up-to-date thermostat, there are now a wide range of them available at very reasonable prices. Programmable thermostats enable you to automatically turn down the temperature. The Money Advice service says reducing the temperature by just 1°C could cut 10% off your heating bill. This could save around £55-per-year which could cover a few extra Christmas presents. Or even 15 tasty ginger bread lattes!

6. Use energy-saving light bulbs

These will last up to 10 times longer and don’t actually cost that much more than ordinary bulbs.

7. Cost-effective cuppas 

Don’t boil more water than you need! Measure water in your favourite mug and then pour into the kettle to ensure you don't use more energy than necessary.

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