The 10 cheapest cars for young drivers to insure 2016


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Car ownership: from purchasing the vehicle, to insuring it and keeping it well-maintained, it’s certainly not cheap

Keeping this in mind, we asked the analysts on Admiral’s Pricing team to find out what exactly are the cheapest cars for drivers under the age of 25 to insure?

Our Pricing Analysts, as clever as they may be, weren’t exactly able to pinpoint the perfect car insurance scenarios for every young driver, but they did help us put together another list of the top 10 cheapest on average for drivers who were under the age of 25 between April and June 2016.

1. Nissan Qashqai average price £619.41 per year



Moving into the number one spot, the Qashqai proves that it doesn’t always have to be small hatchbacks and city-cars. Designed to look more like a sporty SUV, this family car has plenty of legroom and space on the inside.

2. Volkswagen Fox average price £634.02 per year

Holding onto its number two position is the VW Fox. Although discontinued in 2010, you can still get a hold of this foxy vehicle for under £3,000. As one of the cheapest VW’s on the market, you have the joy of having the recognisable look of a VW, without the heavy price tag.

3. SEAT Mii average price £638.62 per year

A newbie on our top 10 list, the chic SEAT Mii offers drivers the convenience of a fuel efficient vehicle all while also having the style and sportiness of a city-car. With tons of customizations available, the Mii has something for everyone.

4. Fiat 500 average price £649.82 per year



Looking for something that has the look of a retro car, but doesn’t have the burden of expensive parts and the unreliable risks of a classic car? The Fiat 500 may be just right for you. Bonus feature: small cars = easy to park!

5. Seat Arosa average price £656.72 per year

Reliable and safe, the SEAT Arosa is a great car for any young driver. With large windows for ideal visibility, the compact qualities of Arosa make for efficient parking, all while still providing plenty of legroom in the interior for both passengers and the driver as well.

6. Citroen C1 average price £661.79 per year

Want more colour in your life? The Citroen C1 might have just what you’re looking for. Offered in a range of colours from Scarlet Red, all the way to Caldera Black, the C1 even has the option that lets you have a two-toned contrasting roof.

7. Hyundai i20 average price £663.31 per year



A car that has the best of both of worlds, the Hyundai i20 offers the convenience of a hatchback family car, but also is easy on your wallet thanks to its practical fuel efficiency. What’s better, the i20 offers superior driver and passenger comfort, and plenty of room in the boot for even the largest of cargo.

8. Nissan Juke average price £668.65 per year

Filled with personality, the Nissan Juke brings a sense of uniqueness and quirkiness to the car industry. Described as darty and nimble by WhatCar? the Juke is also reliable and typically has fewer problems than other vehicles that are within its same class.

9. Ford KA average price £671.24 per year




Compact and fun to drive, the Ford Ka is a city driver’s dream car. With handling capabilities that make for an easy drive, you’ll be able to quickly get to your destinations. Probably the most convenient quality of this car is its size, you’ll never have to worry about fitting in to a small parking space ever again!

10. Kia Picanto average price £672.34 per year


Thomas Doerfer


The Kia Picanto offers something for everyone. From a roomy interior, to a spacious boot in the back thanks to the hatchback, you’ll be able to go from the city to the countryside with all of your passengers comfortable and happy. The Picanto also provides ton of amenities on their standard equipment packages, something that can be hard to find with other cars in its class.

The insurance prices quoted are the average premiums for drivers aged 25 and below between April and June 2016 and specifically from Admiral, so if you are looking for insurance make sure you get a New Driver Insurance quote with us before you buy.

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