The holiday habits of British families revealed


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It's not always sun, sea and sand which make British families tick, sometimes having some TV time is all it takes

 Family holiday

Parents are still happy to take their children out of school rather than sacrificing their summer holiday, an Admiral survey reveals.

In the survey of 1, 000 parents, a third admit to taking their children out of school for a holiday, while a further 30% confess they'd consider doing it in the future.

Admiral managing director, Sue Longthorn, said: "Despite concerns about the cost, it seems we are determined to have our annual family holiday, with many parents even taking their children out of school in order to save money."

When it comes to what British families want from their summer holidays nothing beats a beautiful beach, as 43% of those surveyed classed it as an essential element. Good restaurants, sightseeing and a swimming pool all feature in the top 10 of holiday essentials.

Shamefully, 11% said a television was essential for the perfect family holiday.

Staying local

However, as cost is still a priority it seems families aren't travelling quite as far as they used to, with 43% saying they choose UK holidays over overseas trips since the recession in 2008.

Sue said: "Holidaying at home has some huge benefits and there are some amazing places to spend your family holiday nearer to home."

Having access to your own car, spending less time travelling and not having to fly were listed as the top three reasons to stay at home.

As all three relate to getting to your destination, Sue noted that children don't always make the best travel companions, which may make a three hour car journey and the option of a service stop break more appealing than five hours at 30, 000 feet with a toddler.

Where to go

When it comes to where to go in the UK, 27% of those asked in the survey said a trip to the Lake District was their ideal UK break. Cornwall, Devon, the Yorkshire Dales and The Peak District make up the rest of the top five.

According to Sue: "There really are some beautiful places to take a holiday in the UK, the people we surveyed told us they were prepared to drive an average of 292 miles to get to their holiday destination. That's far enough to get a family from London to the Lake District, a family from Glasgow to the Peak District and one from Nottingham to the Cornish coast."

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