The 27 stages of learning to drive


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Whether you have just passed or are taking lessons, we can all relate to the emotional roller coaster of being a learner driver. Here are the 27 stages we all go through before we pass our test

1The ‘my provisional came in the post so I’m finally going to learn to drive’ stage. Independence, here I come.

2The stage where you think about all the things you’ll be able to do like go to McDonalds drive thru.

3Then the nervous pre-lesson jitters set in.

4And then you realise you’re going to have to spend your time confined to a car with a complete and utter stranger.

5When it’s your first lesson and you have no idea what you’re doing; mostly thinking you’re going to crash.


7Then you find your arch enemy; meet the clutch.

8And you stall all the time

9And you concentrate so hard you forget to stop at ‘Stop’ signs.

10And the stage where you think you’re doing well...

11Until a lorry doesn’t stop even though it’s your right of way.

12And you stall. Again.

13Then you manage to build a relationship with good ol’ Mr Clutch and you start believing you can do this.

14But then road signs become your new nemesis.

15Because they all look the same.

16The ‘let’s learn hill starts stage’ where you think you’re going to go backwards down a mountain into a ditch.

17But it’s okay because then you need to take your theory test…and you spend your days with your head in your driving theory app.

18And then you pass your theory test.

19But now you realise you’ve actually got to go and pass your actual driving test and be in a car with another complete stranger who’s a little more scary and serious.

20But it’s okay because you ace all those hefty manoeuvres.

21And then it’s the ‘I’ve booked my driving test stage’.

22And then you cry because you’re so scared at the thought of failing.

23OR driving without your trusty new bestie Mr Driving Instructor.

24Then you pass your driving test.

25And you can go on all those road trips with your mates.

26And finally be independent without having to rely on Dad to drop you off into town.

27And more so; the world really does become your oyster.

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