Seven tales of dodgy DIY

If you think your wonky shelves or uneven tiles are bad, 'you ain't seen nothing yet!' We've asked Admiral staff to share their own DIY disaster stories

We are delighted to present you with seven of the best DIY dalliances that went wrong for our family, friends and colleagues.

Disaster #7
"I decided to mount some heavy speakers to a picture rail in my bedroom with screws and garden wire. Needless to say, the improvised speaker mounts failed when I was out. It looked like I had been burgled! And among the debris was my smashed acoustic guitar! I've kept some of the pieces to remind me to delegate all future DIY tasks."

Disaster #6
"I decided to change a working light switch just because I wanted a chrome one. All went well until I screwed the nail into the wires and blew the electric in my entire house!"

Disaster #5
"Someone I knew was painting an upstairs bedroom and had the paint tins resting on the windowsill. While painting, they accidentally nudged one of the tins out the window and it exploded all over their car below."

Disaster #4
"I was helping my father cut some lengths of wood which had old screws and nails jutting out all over the place. It was my job to check for them so we could avoid them while cutting the wood with a giant circular drop saw. I must have missed one because the saw blade caught a nail and fired it across his driveway, violently smashing the window of his Mercedes. He wasn't happy."

Disaster #3
"I bought two wardrobes and was struggling to put the doors on. The first door went on just fine but the second door wouldn't go on. I couldn't do it as, at the time, I thought they had put two left doors in the box! I went back to the shop all guns blazing and they just laughed and told me to turn the door upside down. Guess what... it fitted perfectly."

Disaster #2
"I was mending a friend's kitchen roof when I fell through the Perspex sheet and ended up on their kitchen table while they were enjoying a nice Sunday roast."

Disaster #1
"I foolishly adjusted a ladder to an angle that simply wasn't steep enough to stay upright when I reached the top. It slipped down the wall, with me on it, and crashed to the floor resulting in 10 broken bones in both feet and a snapped ligament to one of my toes. I spent the next six weeks at home with both feet in plaster!"