Are you covered for Christmas?


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Don't let the festive season get the better of you - make sure everything is protected, from your new gadgets to the turkey.

The organic turkey has been ordered from your local butcher. The handmade decorations are out of the box. The booze has been stockpiled. Its official – Christmas is here.

And while it’s not as fun as choosing which Christmas film to watch on Netflix, ensuring your home insurance is enough for your festive needs should be the next thing on your to-do list.

Head of claims at Admiral Home Insurance, John McSherry explains: “We spend more time in our homes at Christmas than at any other time of year. There are more people around and more hustle and bustle. This, and the fact we cook and drink more mean there are more possibilities for us for accidents to happen.

“The incidents in our list frequently happen over Christmas, and while our advice to avoid them might be obvious, they are worth considering to prevent your Christmas being ruined.”

But there are lots of other reasons to protect your new treasured possessions.

Extra contents insurance

Before you buy in the turkey and start stockpiling the goodies for the big day, check that your home’s contents is covered with the right insurance over the festive period.

This means making sure you have contents insurance as part of your home insurance policy, and that your insurer offers extra cover the festive period.

This is called ‘Celebration Cover’ and it’s designed to cover all the extra valuables that’ll be in your home in the form of presents, food and drink and extra guests.

Not sure whether you’ve got enough contents insurance? Use our contents calculator to tot it all up.

Cover your luxury gifts

If you’re being super generous and buying a present worth more than £1,000, this may need to be named on your policy in order to be covered.

Check with your insurer, as it can sometimes depend on whether they class the item as ‘high risk’. For example at Admiral we might say that a TV is a high-risk item, while a handbag worth the same amount may not be.

Accidental damage

Before you let Uncle John onto the karaoke machine to belt out his favourite tune (Sweet Caroline), make sure your valuables are protected in the event that he gets a bit too excited and knocks over your new TV.

Bear in mind that accidental cover may not extend to damage caused if you’ve been drinking, had a party or if someone who doesn’t live in the house has caused the damage.

Remember to keep in mind your excess too – is the cost of the damage less than the amount you’d have to pay to make the claim?

Watch out for thieves

When Admiral Home Insurance looked at the 12 most common claims of Christmas, theft came in at number one.

John McSherry continued, “One last tip from us is to not let your home security slip in the New Year. At Admiral, in the last few years we’ve seen an increase in the number of thefts in early January. It could be that thieves are targeting homes full of new gifts and gadgets given at Christmas.”

Planning on leaving the sofa?

Most of us will set up camp on the sofa on Christmas Eve and not move until Boxing Day, but if you are planning on leaving the house over the Christmas period make sure you’re still protected.

If you’ve got a new laptop, bike or camera for Christmas and want to take them out and about, make sure you have cover for possessions away from the home.

When buying your home insurance, you will chose whether or not you need cover for when you’re outside the home, and the amount of cover that you have. For example, you might say you need cover for £2,000 worth of possessions – this could include jewellery, laptops or smartphones, but the total amount won’t be more than £2,000.

So if you’ve got new gadgets and think the amount of cover outside the home you have isn’t sufficient, give your insurer a ring.

Ditching the traditional Christmas and jetting off? Make sure you’ve got everything you need to have an amazing Christmas abroad by protecting yourself with the right travel insurance.

Worried about leaving your home alone? Check out our tips for protecting your pad.

Admiral Home Insurance

At Admiral, we offer a range of home insurance cover ranging from our Admiral policy to Gold to Platinum. The amount of cover you receive for contents insurance, accidental damage and personal possessions away from home will all depend on your policy. If you’re unsure, read our home insurance guides or check your policy document.

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