Learning to drive... with puppies


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We know it's tough being a learner driver so we got some of the cutest first-timers to give some of hardest test manoeuvres a go

Well, that’s almost right. We actually found a group of seven-week-old pug puppies and let them loose on our purpose-built mini city scene so see how they fared.

As a provider of Learner Driver Insurance, Admiral is keen to help new drivers at every step of their journey and what better way than with pug puppies?

Flash, George, Coco Chanel, Prince, Puggy, Lola and Peppa Pug had their first outing away from mum Dolly Pugton, to help show how tricky it can be to find your rhythm behind the wheel.

Of course we know learner drivers are actually incredibly cautious (and probably don’t stop mid-way through a lesson to have a good old chew on the scenery), but our pug stand-ins did a great job of showing some of the common mistakes new drivers make.

Pug shots – the who’s who of our mini motorists

They may be small but those pug puppies were super fast which made catching a snap of them pretty tricky – we managed to get a few though.

Yes, George, Puggy, Coco Chanel and Prince were pretty photogenic and looked rather dashing in their Learner collars!

Pugs on film

Our canine cast were natural born performers and, as a result, are now the stars of five short films which show off all aspects of learning to drive.

From practising daily to keeping an eye on your surroundings and even simple things like remembering to put fuel in your car, our videos cover all the learner driver basics.

Practice makes perfect

As every learner driver knows, the more times you practice a manoeuvre the easier it gets. Believe us, this pup had plenty of practice!

Be aware of your surroundings

Unfortunately, when you start your lessons you're not the only one on the roads which means being aware of your fellow road users is vital for any safe journey. It took a bit of time but eventually our petrol-head pooches got the hang of it.

Remember to fill your tank

Probably the most obvious of all, but without fuel you won't get very far. It turns out seven-week-old pug puppies run out of steam pretty quickly. Don't worry though, after a quick drink and a bite to eat this little cutie was back to making mischief in no time.

Keep your distance

Maintaining a safe distance from the car in front is very important if you want to avoid a collision - luckily the puppies were able to demonstrate what could go wrong in a safe and adorable way.

Take your time when reversing

Reversing is the bane of many drivers' lives and can fill even the calmest of learner drivers with dread but, as this motoring mutt proves, taking your time will help you get it right.

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