How to sell your home: 'You just don't know how long it could take'


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No matter how many times you move home, something new can always crop up in the process.

Often, moving out of rented accommodation and into your first mortgaged house can be a quick and relatively easy process. But trying to sell a house can leave you feeling in limbo; it is very much a waiting game.

Over the next few weeks we'll be speaking to people who are in the process of selling their home with a 'for sale' sign sitting eagerly outside and to people who've finally snared a buyer.

This week we caught up with Chris Hawkins, a 29-year-old father of one, whose first home is up for sale in the south Wales valleys.

Admiral: How long have you lived in your current home?

Chris: My family and I have lived there for two years; that's me, my wife, Ruth, and our two-year-old daughter, Willow.

Admiral: Why are you looking to move?

Chris: While we love the house and already have so many happy memories there, we're looking to buy a bigger, newer build so we can eventually have another child.

Admiral: Do you know where you want to move next?

Chris: We've found the house we want; it's exciting because it's a new build so we've picked it off the blueprint – it's still a patch of land at the moment. It's a three bedroom semi-detached house, while our current home is three bed, end-terrace. We found it very quickly – about a week before we put ours on the market. We're hoping to buy through the Help to Buy scheme in Wales.

Admiral: How long has your house been up for sale?

Chris: Our house has only been on the market a couple of months. It's up with two different estate agents and we've had two viewings so far. It's difficult waiting for a buyer to come along as there's only one plot left on the development we want to move to, but when you're selling a house you just have to be patient.

Admiral: Did you do any work at your house before putting it up for sale?

Chris: Yes, we spent a couple of hundred pounds on a few odd jobs around the house to get it ready for sale. We painted three of the rooms to freshen them up and we're currently sanding down doors. The biggest job we did was getting the back wall re-rendered but that cost a lot more!

Admiral: Is your family looking forward to moving?

Chris: The whole family is excited to move but we can't get our hopes up just in case it takes a while to sell. We know people who are trying to sell in similar areas and their house has been up for over 18 months, so you just don't know how long it could take.

Admiral: What's the most stressful part of selling your home?

Chris: Waiting for a buyer is definitely the most stressful thing when selling a house!

We asked Chris a few quick fire questions too.

Admiral: What will you miss most about your home?

Chris: My Nest thermostat – I can control the temperature through wi-fi!

Admiral: What's your best memory from your home?

Chris: The day we moved in and Christmas

Admiral: What's your daughter's favourite thing in your home?

Chris: Her bedroom – she loves playing hide and seek. And the bathtub!

Admiral: If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and with whom?

Chris: Brecon with my wife and daughter, and I'd buy a Labrador

Admiral: Who would be your ideal neighbour?

Chris: Someone quiet, friendly and who likes a chat (no loud music late at night or shouting)

Admiral: Any tips for selling a house?

Chris: Be patient!


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