Buying your first home: as scary as it sounds?


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Buying a new home is a confusing time. We asked our content writer, Carys to share her experience


Buying a home can be a daunting experience – it’s probably the most expensive thing you’ll ever buy and there are a lot of decisions to make and legalities to wrap your head around.

But if you’re feeling a bit lost in the process of buying a home, you’re not alone!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be speaking to prospective buyers or people who’ve recently completed and are settling into their new home.

Carys and Ben

This week we caught up with Carys King, a 27-year-old content writer at Admiral, who’s just signed the contract on her first home.

Carys and her fiancé, Ben, 31, have been saving a 10% deposit on their first home, and after a year of living with her parents, they’ve just completed the sale.

Admiral: What were your living arrangements before buying your new home?

Carys: I rented with my fiancé for six years before we both moved back in with my parents to finish saving our deposit.

Admiral: And how has that been?

Carys: Surprisingly, living at home has been pretty easy. We are lucky because we have our own living room in my parents’ house so we have our own space. Tempers have flared once or twice and it’s scarily easy to slip back into being a stroppy teenager, but other than that we’ve managed quite well. It helps that Ben is a good cook and willing to serve up tea most nights!

Admiral: So you’ve signed the contract on your new home, why this property?

Carys: It’s a great price for a four bed detached property in a good location. It’s also nicely decorated so we can move straight in and won’t have to do too much to it straight away. It has a nice, easy-to-maintain garden and it just felt homely as soon as we viewed it. As much as we both would love an older property with a bit more history and lots of quirky features, we just felt a newer property (it’s only three-years-old) was a more sensible choice right now.

Admiral: Any horror stories from house viewings?

Carys: Not really, but one of the houses we saw had a very excitable dog in the garden which the estate agent then had to chase back outside after we accidentally let him in – that house also smelled horribly of dog and they hadn’t really cleaned up.

Dog in a bath

Admiral: How long did the buying process take?

Carys: The current owners are emigrating so it’s been a very fast process for us. We put the offer in and had it accepted within a couple of days. Six weeks later we’ve signed the contracts and will be in by the end of August.

Admiral: What’s your favourite thing about your new home?

Carys: My favourite room will be the living room; it’s spacious and has patio doors which open onto the garden. I’m looking forward to sitting on the sofa with the doors open first thing on a sunny morning. I’m also very excited about having a patio and a garden – we lived in a third floor flat without a balcony for over three years so being able to get some fresh air through the house will be a welcome relief!

Admiral: Have you met your new neighbours yet?

Carys: Not yet, but I hear we have a very friendly Geordie fella on one side, so hopefully we’ll get along. One of my good friends lives the next street over so I already have somewhere I can pop to for a cup of tea!

Admiral: And finally, any tips for people buying a house?

Carys: Make sure you factor in all costs, not just the deposit. Budget accordingly and speak to an independent mortgage advisor - it makes everything a lot easier and they may be able to find you a better rate on your mortgage than your own bank.

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