Summer garden party tips


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In case you haven’t noticed, the UK is currently experiencing a heatwave which is showing no signs of holding up anytime soon.

summer garden party

So, as many of you crack out your barbecues and fill up your glasses with Pimms, how can you make sure you’re planning the perfect summer party?

Consider all of your guests

Everyone is different, and so every party will be, too. When you’re planning, consider who is coming and how you can cater for them so they’ll enjoy themselves the most. Is anyone bringing their children? If so, get the garden games and equipment at the ready.

If your budget is tight, why not ask your guests if they can bring along some of their children’s favourite toys to occupy themselves? Better still, come up with games which the whole family can enjoy together, such as swingball or rounders.

Don’t let them go hungry

BBQ in the garden

No party is complete without snacks. Decide if you’re going to provide dinner for your guests, or whether you’ll have appetisers and snacks on offer they can dip into throughout the evening.

Remember to let them know if you’ll be offering food or not, so no one has to do an emergency takeaway visit on the way home. If you’re preparing a meal, a barbecue is the obvious choice. Alongside it, prep some fresh salad, crisps and dips and you’ve got a crowd-pleaser!

BBQ safety - the UK fire service recommends always checking it thoroughly before use to make sure it’s not damaged and only light on a flat site well away from a shed, trees or shrubs.

Party music

The right music can set your desired atmosphere instantly, whether you’re opting for cheesy pop classics or chilled acoustic covers. If you want to be extra prepared, you can either create or follow a playlist or album in advance. It can also be helpful to use wireless speakers on the day, so the music can easily be played outside.

Prepare for bad weather

The weather outside is boiling, but this is the UK, so don’t rely on it to stay that way. Keep an eye on the weather forecast as the day of your party gets closer and consider how you can move the celebrations inside if needs be.

If it comes to it, barbecue food can be cooked in an oven, and keep the board games on standby so everyone can be entertained. If you’ve got a bigger budget, consider hiring a marquee for your outside space so nothing can get in the way of the festivities. 

3 tips for summer party success

  1. Know your budget

It’s often very easy to get carried away when you search Pinterest for photographs of summer parties, and you can find yourself overspending without realising.

The truth is that you don’t need a whole lot of money to pull off a great summer party, and there are loads of ways you can cut corners with your spending. As long as you have a space to host, good friends and great weather, what more can you ask for?

If you need help budget planning, consider downloading money-saving apps.

  1. Preparation is key

You’re hosting the party in your home, so the last thing you’ll want to be doing is rushing around organising while everyone is outside enjoying the sun.

Plan so you can enjoy the party with your guests; prep any food that you can and make the necessary arrangements in advance. If you do this, everything will run more smoothly on the day and you’ll thank yourself later.

  1. Safety first

While you’ll want to relax and enjoy yourself, make sure your home’s security doesn’t get neglected. Once all guests have arrived, consider locking the front door so no-one else can enter the house, especially if you live on a main road.

You’ll likely be spending your time at the back of your property, which is a perfect opportunity for burglars to enter as you won’t be able to hear them.

While we hope you trust all of your guests, it also doesn’t harm to pack away any valuables. This can mean you avoid getting your favourite pieces pinched but can also reduce the risk of accidental damage.

For more information, find out how to protect your home and the key to garden security, and make sure you’re covered with our Contents Insurance.

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