11 things that happen during every British summer


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Summer is in full swing which means it’s time to do what we do best and plan some al fresco dining no matter what the weather reports say!

Us Brits are a rebellious bunch and whatever the weekend forecast, we will be bulk buying sausages and charcoal, a little bit of rain/thunder/lightening/gale force wind won’t hold us back!

But what else makes for a great British summer? Here are just some of the things we’re pretty sure we’ll get up to in the next few weeks:

1. Sunbathing at EVERY opportunity

At least missing the bus in the summer has some advantages

Waiting for the bus in the morning, the stroll to the office, during our lunch break – no opportunity is missed when it comes to our dedication to getting a tan

2. Burning in peculiar patches

Who doesn’t love a game of dot-to-dot with the St Tropez?

Unsurprisingly the commitment to lunchtime tanning means we will end up with very tanned feet and an inexplicable diamond shaped patch on your upper arm. The rest of the summer will be spent unsuccessfully trying to even this out

3. Barbequing everything

Breakfast, lunch, dinner – every meal is better on the grill

That end of season steal we grabbed from B&Q in September won’t be going to waste; it’s summertime so mid-week BBQs will be had. Not having ‘BBQ food’ in the house is no excuse, char-grilled carrots are the perfect accompaniment to a slightly smoky chicken breast!

4. Investing so heavily in Pimms we should become shareholders

This definitely counts as one of our five-a-day

It’s like summer in a glass, walking past the supermarket display rack would be like an insult to Mother Nature herself. We Brits are nothing if not polite

5. No longer being fazed by a weekday drink or two

It’s better to spread our units throughout the week…right?

In January cracking open the vino on a Tuesday is frowned upon, come July and it’s a celebrated, almost accepted, way to end the working day (providing of course it’s just one or two and we won’t be driving first thing!)

6. Become a sporting expert no matter what the sport

Dressage is an underappreciated event, we will put this right

This summer is bumper packed with sport; we’ve already got Wimbledon and the Euros out of the way but next comes the biggie. The Olympic Games, the event which will catapult Gary from the pub into the role of trampolining expert (based on the one time he was allowed on the trampoline during PE in school)

7. Realise the family wedding we’re attending is on the same day as a major sporting event

“Please let there be a TV at the reception venue.”

Whether Great Britain are on for another Super Saturday at the Olympics, it’s the Challenge Cup final or the US Open, the reception will be spent struggling to get the results with patchy phone signal at the beautiful-yet-secluded venue

8. Becoming absolutely furious when the weather is good in the UK during your week abroad

If it’s sunny in Scunny my humblebrag insta-post means nothing

It doesn’t matter how hot it was during our week in Crete, if we return home to find our colleagues just as tanned as us and talking about their glorious weekend at the beach we can’t help but feel robbed

9. Complain about the weather

“I mean I like it hot, but this is just too hot. You know?"

No matter what it does, an opportunity to complain will be found. Too hot, too cold, too damp, too breezy – we will discuss it all summer long. Discussions will become especially prevalent in the office as the air-con setting will be scrutinised daily

10. Festival talk will become tiring

“This is us at the Pyramid stage, and this is us bla bla bla..

Yes, Sharon, we know you went to Glastonbury and it was “absolutely amaze!” and we’re aware your next stop is Latitude, but tell us about it one more time and we will flip our lids (we’re British, so by this we mean we’ll cut you out of the tea round)

11. Reminisce about summers past

“I remember summers when it didn’t rain at all!”

No matter how old we are, talking about how “it’s nothing like it used to be when I was a kid” will be a topic of conversation. The days were longer, it was hotter, basically all of our childhood summers played out like an all American summer rom-com. Could it be we’re only remembering the good bits? Nah, it was definitely sunnier during the summer of 1995!

So, have we hit the nail on the head or is there something quintessentially British that we’re forgetting? Let us know by tweeting @AdmiralUK or visiting our Facebook page with your thoughts.

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