Cheap and easy garden hacks to transform your green space


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You don't have to be Alan Titchmarsh to get your garden looking good

You don't have to be Alan Titchmarsh to get your garden looking good, and equally, you don't have to spend a lot of cash either.

We have come up with some easy hacks to help fool your garden guests into thinking you're gifted with green-fingers.

So transform your garden - however big or small - with our top tips.

Fence fancy

Brighten up your dull fence by painting the wood a bright colour, or even a number of bright colours! We also love marble fences; simply drill holes into your fence and pop in children's glass marbles - they will cast gorgeous colours in your garden.

Light up

Lighting your garden will create a lovely ambience for you and your guests and there are plenty of cost-effective ways to do this including: pretty candle lanterns, solar lights and fairy lights. We also love rope lighting around paths and flowerbeds.

On your bike

If you have an old bike that's just rotting away, give it a new lease of life with a lick of paint and make a pretty vintage-look feature out of it. If it has a basket on the front then turn that into a flowerpot. You can upcycle so many ordinary items into something beautiful, so get crafty!

Class glass

Don't throw away empty glass jars, bottles or old vases - turn them into pretty decorations for your garden. Glass paint can be bought for just a couple of pounds and will turn your old glassware into an array of stained stunners for the garden. You can also fill jars with multi-coloured bits-and-bobs for unusual ornaments; think buttons, pencil shavings etc.

Hanging gardens

You have to be a bit more space savvy if you have a small garden or a balcony. Hanging plant pots, decorations or lighting from the fence or railing is a good-looking space-saver.


Your don't have to fork out for expensive garden furniture; if you can get your hands on some old pallets and give them a lick of paint - you'll have very attractive homemade tables. Just stack them up, try different angles, and see the humble pallet transformed into a useful table.

Bench beauty

Here's another space-saving idea for you. If you have an old bookshelf lying around, turn it on its side, chuck a few cushions on top and you've got comfy seating and lots of storage in one! The converted bookshelf is perfect for balconies or narrow gardens.

Tasty boxes

Why not turn your window boxes into herb gardens - it's the perfect environment for tasty herbs to flourish and it'll save you buying expensive packets of herbs at the supermarket each week. Using just one window box will also save space in your garden - Jamie Oliver is a fan of herb-filled window boxes and if they're good enough for him then they're good enough for us!

Fresh flicks

If you have a projector at home then why not turn your garden into an open-air cinema one summer's evening. Simply hang a large, pale-coloured sheet (white is best) on the washing line or over the fence and project your film onto it. Grab some chairs, a few blankets and a big bowl of popcorn and you're set!

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