25 cars that changed the motoring world: Part 3


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The final part of our 25 cars that changed the motoring world series

We're just days away from the 25th anniversary show at Silverstone Classic and we are very excited about the Admiral-sponsored Silver Sunday Car Parade.

This year's Parade promises to be something to behold as silver cars spanning all eras take to the track to mark 25 years of rocking and racing!

So to whet your appetites even more for the three-day classic extravaganza, here's part three of our 25 cars that changed the motoring world.

Ford Model T

Ford Model T

Every mass produced car owes its origin to the Model T; built on a modern production line based on Henry Ford's earlier vision, the car was brought to the masses. It may not have been the first car but it is one of the major reasons we have massed produced cars today.

Benz Patent Motorwagon

Benz Patent Motorwagon© Aisano

The man who first matched the internal combustion engine to a purpose-designed vehicle was Karl Benz. Not recognisable as a car by today's standards, but this is where it all started and without it the motoring industry would be a very different creature.

Datsun 240Z

Datsun 240Z© An Unusual Eye

The original Z car is potentially the most important car in Japan's automotive history as it showed that Japan could compete in the market. Not only did Japan show the world how to make a reliable car with the 120Y they needed to show they could make a great looking and appealing car and that's where the Z came in.

Aston Martin DB5C

Aston Martin DB5C© Telemaque Myson

The DB5, although a beautiful car to behold, is most famous for being the gadget wielding motor of choice for James Bond which made a generation lust after this car. Prices are now very high so most will have to keep dreaming, but there are worse things to dream about.

Chevrolet Corvette

Chevrolet Corvette

America has made many cars over the years; some are very iconic for being cool, others for being made famous in film and TV. But the corvette is famous for one thing - it is the only time America has given the world a sports car! Yes, there have been many sport and muscle cars made in America, but they were also made for America. With straight, flat roads, American cars were not known for their ability to take corners well and therefore not many cars saw the export market. The Corvette is the quintessential American hero.

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