18 reasons you need to learn to drive


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1Not having to awkwardly press up against a stranger on the bus

2Or the train

3Being able to re-enact that one scene from White Chicks with your mates

4Being able to enjoy your own company in utter silence

5Or being able to listen to whatever cheesy/depressing/party theme you want

6And turning it up LOUD

7Never having to have that awkward/embarrassing parent/child car journey

8You know, the ones where you want the floor to eat you up

9Being able to set the car temperature to your own comfort

10Meaning you can dodge the bullet when it comes to sweating pints on the train home

11Or having to dress like you're off to the Antarctic

12Being able to hang out with your friends in the security of your own car

13Or being able to drive to wherever they are

14You're always guaranteed a seat

15Never having to feel guilty for opening a packet of prawn cocktail crisps

16And having a million eyes on you because of the smell

17Or the crunch in between your teeth

18And just being able to slay the independent living you’ve always dreamed of

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