11 weird housemate habits revealed


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More and more of us are making ends meet by living in shared homes or renting out our spare rooms to lodgers and tourists. The thing about sharing with strangers, though, is that everyone’s idea of ‘normal’ is markedly different…

The growing number of Brits who share a house has prompted Admiral to create new types of cover that reflect the way people are living, such as Tenants Insurance and Host Insurance if you’re renting out a room in your house through sites like Airbnb. These give you extra peace of mind, even if the people under your roof don’t.

We asked staff at Admiral HQ to collect their best (read: weirdest) housemate stories from friends and family. Some are too disgusting to publish, so here’s the best of the rest…

“An old housemate of mine used to heat up baked beans in an electric kettle. Once he tried to cook potatoes by boiling the water inside repeatedly. This was all in his bedroom, of course…”
-    Dani, Claims

“I don’t have any horror stories, luckily, but my boyfriend used to live with someone whose party trick was to cheese-grate his arm. Like, actual bits of skin. I’m pretty sure it was the shared kitchen grater and not one he’d acquired for the purpose.”
-    Amy, Renewals

“One of my housemates left a roast chicken under her bedroom radiator for two weeks and would pick meat off the carcass every day.”
-    Andy, Marketing

“I lived with one guy who purchased all the crockery for the house just after the three of us moved in (entirely his own choice). He then monitored our eating habits for the next few months and emailed us a professional-looking invoice, charging us 'per use' for each plate, mug and bowl. When we refused to cough up, he bought a numerical padlock for the kitchen cupboards and asked us to pay a £5 monthly subscription if we wanted the code.”
-    Lee, Customer Services

“One of my husband’s university housemates grew up in pubs, so had never cooked or washed up in his life. They discovered this when he innocently admitted struggling to get food off the crockery; he was using cold water.”
-    Caroline, Finance

“I had a housemate that would ‘clean up’ after her cats and dog with the dish cloth. And then just pop it back in the sink.”
-    Patrick, IT

“My French housemate at uni was quite homesick (poor guy) and when the girls among us were drying our hair, we’d often find him sitting outside our bedroom doors, listening. He said it reminded him of his mum.”
-    Nina, New Business
“I lived with a guy who claimed he was a writer. Always talked about ‘getting paid’ at certain points. It turned out that he was referring to his dole money and he would spend his days getting drunk.”
-    Gareth, Telematics

“My landlady leaves Post-It notes everywhere. At current count, there are six in the bathroom alone. One of them says ‘Sorry about so many notes!’ with a smiley face.”
-    Rob, New Products

“My flatmate sings at the top of his lungs, long into the night. I bang on his door and sometimes he stops. Sometimes he doesn’t.”
-    Sara, Legal

“Not somebody I actually lived with (thankfully), but I knew someone who would hang his milk out of the window in a carrier bag because he didn’t have a fridge. I dread to think what he did during summer.”
-    Rebecca, Claims

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