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1 in 6 drivers believe running a red light is completely legal


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Britain’s worst driving habits have been exposed in new research, including one in six drivers believing it’s legal to run through a red light.

Britain’s worst driving habits have been exposed in new research, including one in six drivers believing it’s legal to run through a red light.

A survey of 2,000 drivers revealed what annoys the British most on the roads, in addition to revealing what indiscretions the nation is guilty of when behind the wheel.

The biggest annoyance for 52% of drivers was others checking their phone at the wheel, an infringement that now carries tougher penalties. Half of those surveyed said that drivers throwing rubbish out of their window was their most loathed habit, while 48% said it was tailgating that got them riled up on the roads.

But not all respondents were angels themselves, with one in six drivers taking their eyes off the road to fiddle with the radio and 15% having drunk non-alcoholic beverages or eaten at the wheel in the past month – an act that can have a detrimental effect on driving. One in 10 said they have also checked their phone while driving.

Driving etiquette appeared to be important to the British public, with 77% of drivers saying that basic road manners should be taught to learners.

The research also discovered the types of cars most likely to partake in bad road habits. Sports car drivers were the most likely to become angry at others for minor discretions, drivers of executive cars were more likely to jump a red light, and small SUV drivers were the most likely to check their phone behind the wheel. Drivers of executive cars were also the most likely to have points on their licence.

For those who want to discover whether other motorists in Britain find them particularly annoying on the roads, take our interactive quiz to find out.

Alistair Hargreaves, head of service at Admiral said: “We were shocked by the number of people who think it’s legal to jump a red light, when in fact it could land you points on your licence.

“Another interesting takeaway was how many people want etiquette to be part of a learner driver’s education. We are known as a nation for being polite, and the fact the majority of people essentially want to enforce courtesy training on the road reinforces how important politeness is to British people.”

Britain’s Biggest Driving Annoyances

•    Checking a phone (52%)
•    Throwing rubbish out of the window (50%)
•    Tailgating (48%)
•    Cutting people up (33%)
•    Not indicating (31%)
•    Hogging the middle lane (26%)
•    Jumping red lights (22%)
•    Changing lanes at the last minute (18%)
•    Not saying thank you when giving way (18%)
•    Blasting loud music at night (16%)

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