A pun-derland of witty business owners - 7 of the UK's best shop names

Nowadays, trying to stand out on the high street can be tricky. With coffee shops on every corner and takeaways 10-a-penny, how do you encourage people to choose you over the competition?

Well, a great place to start is with a catchy name, if you can make it a pun then you're on to a winner.

Here are 7 of the best names we could find:

  • He Van: Movers of the Universe - Brighton-based removal firm He-Van have it nailed when it comes to being unforgettable

  • Bonny Tiler - these bathroom fitters, based in the South Wales town of Llantwit Major, have customers 'Holding out for a Hero' fitter to arrive at their door

  • Jason DonerVan - when it's 'Too Late to Say Goodbye' after 'Another Night' on the tiles in Bristol, a portion of cheesy chips from Jason DonerVan's will send you 'Halfway to Paradise'

  • Spruce Springclean - Keighley in West Yorkshire is home to this cleaning service which was 'Born to Run' a hoover around and clean up 'Devils and Dust' 'For You'

  • Only Food and Sauces - stop off for a coffee in Colchester town and tuck into a sausage roll and a sandwich. Lovely jubbly!

  • The Codfather - they'll make you an offer you can't refuse...large cod and chips, mushy peas and curry sauce on the side. Well done, Cardiff, well done!

  • Alan Cartridge - need ink cartridges but don't know where to look? Live in Leeds? A-ha! Alan is the man for you

We only picked 7 but there really are hundreds to choose from, Curl up and Dye, Mission Inflateable, Tatt-Man-Dos, Jean-Claud Van Man - all brilliant but can you do any better? Tweet @AdmiralUK with your suggestions.