How much are you borrowing?

Over how many years would you want to repay the loan?

What’s the APR?

A loan with a APR 1% lower would save you £0

That would buy enough petrol for the average driver
to travel 0 miles

This calculator is for illustrative purposes only based on an Unsecured Personal Loan. The APR inputted by you may not be offered by Admiral Financial Services Ltd, or any other lender.

The APR offered by a lender is dependent on your own personal information, credit file and business criteria. Please note we cannot guarantee you will be offered a loan by any lender at this lower APR.

The savings calculated are estimates only. These estimates are based on price of 121p per litre price (correct as at 20 Jan 2019), 121ppl is equivalent to 550 pence per gallon.

Using the average MPG of 51.1 (from gov website) price per gallon divided by average MPG is 11p per mile, saving divided by 11p is number of miles you could travel.