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Flexible cover from Admiral

Choose from three levels of cover, each with a range of different features that you can tailor to suit you. You can select the most suitable cover for your needs online or over the phone with one of our advisors.

Admiral Cover

Our great value Home Insurance package covers the essentials, including these benefits and optional extras.

  • Unlimited Buildings Cover (eligibility criteria applies)
  • Up to £50,000 Contents Cover
  • 24-hour Emergency Helpline
  • Optional Home Emergency Cover
  • Optional Family Legal Protection
  • Optional Accidental Damage Cover
  • Includes £350 Bicycle Cover. Optional cover available for bicycles worth more than £350
  • Optional Personal Possessions Cover

Gold Cover

Our Gold cover includes Boiler Emergency Cover as standard. This provides up to £500 per call out for a tradesperson to make a temporary repair in an emergency to your hot water or central heating system. You can make a maximum of two claims during the policy term and claims can be made 7 days after the policy start date.

  • Unlimited Buildings Cover (eligibility criteria applies)
  • Up to £75,000 Contents Cover
  • 24-hour Emergency Helpline
  • Boiler Emergency Cover
  • Up to £5,000 Trace and Access Cover - covers the cost of removing and replacing any part of the building to find the source of a leak.
  • Optional Family Legal Protection
  • Optional Accidental Damage Cover
  • Includes £350 Bicycle Cover. Optional cover available for bicycles worth more than £350
  • Optional Personal Possessions Cover
  • Optional Home Emergency Cover

Platinum Cover

Our full featured Platinum package is our top level cover. It’s designed for customers who want extra security and peace of mind.

  • Unlimited Buildings Cover (eligibility criteria applies)
  • Up to £150,000 Contents Cover
  • Home Emergency Cover - including cover for your boiler
  • Family Legal Protection
  • Accidental Damage Cover on both buildings and contents
  • Up to £2,000 of Personal Possessions Cover
  • 24-hour Emergency Helpline
  • Includes £350 Bicycle Cover. Optional cover available for bicycles worth more than £350
  • Matching Items Cover - if we can’t repair or replace a part of any matching suite like for like, we will replace the whole set.
  • Up to £10,000 Trace and Access Cover - covers the cost of removing and replacing any part of the building to find the source of a leak.

Our products come with a range of great features

A waiting period applies before some cover is activated. Take a look at our optional extras to find out more.

Up to £100,000 legal costs cover for property or employment disputes and personal injury claims as long as there are reasonable prospects of your claim being successful. A waiting period applies before some areas of cover are activated and events before the start date aren't covered.

Up to £500 for a tradesman to provide a temporary repair to plumbing and central heating to contain an emergency. Cover for home security and pest infestation. Claims can only be made 7 days after the policy starts

Up to £500 temporary repair costs for central heating and hot water plus two call outs. Our Gold cover includes Boiler Emergency Cover as standard. Claims can be made 7 days after the policy start date.

Available on buildings and contents, for accidental damage to personal belongings, fixtures and fittings at home.

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Great price and covers everything I need. Admiral also showed me other options available, with a cheaper product from themselves which covered everything I wanted without unnecessary extras, saving me about £25.

So far, so good.

Andrew, Dover

Dec 2019

all went smoothly


Paul, neath

Dec 2019

Everything was quick and easy throughout

The documents not being sent to be via email or post

Jack, Kidwelly

Dec 2019

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Admiral Landlord Insurance is here to protect you from the unexpected.

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Host Insurance gives you peace of mind as it can cover your home if it's damaged by one of your paying guests.

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Tenants Insurance has great features and benefits for students and those in shared accommodation looking for contents insurance.

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Admiral offers three levels of cover for Contents Insurance built for your needs.

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Admiral offers three levels of cover for Contents Insurance built for your needs.

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Contents Buildings Combined

Admiral offers three levels of cover for Contents Insurance built for your needs.

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Admiral offers three levels of cover for Buildings Insurance built for your needs.

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Why do you need Home Insurance?

Home insurance protects your house and everything inside it including the fixtures, fittings and all your belongings. It covers theft and damage to your property caused by fire and bad weather, and protects your possessions against theft, damage and loss.

Chances are your house will be the most expensive purchase you ever make and it's filled with your most cherished possessions. Because no two homes are the same, we offer different types of home protection to make sure homeowners, renters and landlords all get the right cover. There are three main types of home cover:

  • Buildings
  • Contents
  • Combined

What type of cover do I need?

If you're a homeowner and live in the property, you may want to purchase a combined policy. This includes both buildings and contents cover as you're responsible for anything that happens to your home and its contents.

Renters usually only need contents cover as your landlord is responsible for the building's maintenance. However, you should always check your rental agreement to be sure.

If you're already a homeowner, or you're a first-time buyer, you'll be aware that buildings cover is a condition of a mortgage offer.

What is buildings insurance?

This protects the bricks and mortar of your home. If your walls, roof, ceiling, fitted kitchen and any other structural items were damaged, you'd claim on this policy. Fire, water and malicious damage are all covered by Admiral Buildings Insurance.

It's important you calculate the rebuild cost rather than the estimated value of your home and give an accurate value. Over-estimating could leave you paying higher prices, while under-estimating could mean you receive a lower payout if you were to claim. Read our calculating rebuild costs guide to help with the sums.

The difference between buildings and contents cover

While buildings cover protects the structure of your home and most things fixed down, 'contents' covers your possessions – basically, the things you'd take with you if you move. Contents insurance isn't compulsory, but could you replace everything in your home if it was stolen or damaged?

Contents cover protects items in your home such as your furniture, clothes and electrical items if they're damaged, lost or stolen, up to the value of £150,000 depending on the level of cover you choose. As with a buildings policy, you'll need to estimate the value of the items you want covered in your home. To help you work out what your contents are worth, use our contents calculator for guidance.

You'll need to tell us about any high-risk items you or your family own which are worth more than £1,000. Think of things like computers, laptops, audiovisual equipment and jewellery. Read more about contents insurance.

What information do I need to get a home insurance quote?

Once you’ve decided which type of cover is right for you, click the 'get a quote' button and have the following details ready:

1. Property details

You’ll need information about the property you want to insure including:

  • Number of rooms
  • Year property was built
  • How it’s heated
  • Security systems and locks

2. Who lives there?

You’ll also need to know the following:

  • Who lives in the property
  • Occupants’ job titles and marital status
  • Who owns the property
  • How often it’s left empty

3. Exterior details

Thinking about the outside of the property, we want to know:

  • Roof type
  • Signs of subsidence
  • Trees taller than 10m close to your property
  • Previous flooding

4. Rebuild costs and cover needs

In this final section we ask for:

  • Rebuild costs (we'll help you estimate this in your quote journey)
  • Value of your contents (we have a handy contents calculator to help with this)
  • Any bikes and valuables (worth more than £1,000) you want to cover

If you're looking for cheap home insurance, get a quote with Admiral – you could pay as little as if you insure your home (10% of Admiral level combined customers between Jan 2019 – Jun 2019 paid from . Includes MultiCover customers.)

5 golden stars

Five-star rated Platinum Level Home Insurance from MoneyFacts

Moneyfacts, an independent research organisation, which rates UK finance companies on specific product features with an emphasis on those that could be most relevant to the consumer or company.

Products awarded 5 stars offer the most comprehensive policy benefits with stand‑out features.

Your questions answered

We're sure you'll love our great products but maybe you have a few questions. You can find answers in this section.

Are mobile phones covered under my policy?

Mobile phones are covered up to the amount shown on your policy schedule. We will cover the handset but not mobile phone charges, loss of airtime or any damage caused by liquids.

What high risk items do I need to let you know about?

Our definition of high risk items can be found in your policy booklet so please check that carefully, but it includes things such as jewellery, watches, precious metals, works of art, sporting equipment, collectables, furs and musical instruments.

If you have any high risk items over £1,000 you will need to let us know about each of these items individually so we can add them to your policy. You can then choose to cover each item away from the home.

Is my fence covered for storm or flood damage?

All Admiral Home policies cover damage by storm or flood, however, any damage to gates, fences, or hedges is specifically excluded in these situations.

Do I get personal possessions cover as standard?

You get personal possessions cover up to £2,000 as standard with Admiral Platinum cover but you can choose a higher amount than that if needed. You can add personal possessions cover to our Admiral Home and Admiral Gold.

It covers items which belong to you or your family, which are portable and normally worn, used or carried outside the home in everyday life such as handbags, headphones, tablets and also includes sports, musical and camping equipment. Your items will be covered up to the amount you require, subject to maximum limits.

If you have specified any high risk items over £1,000, they will be covered separately up to the amount you require per item. Our definition of high risk items can be found in your policy booklet.

How do I send in proof of purchase or a valuation for an item?

In some cases, a proof of valuation or purchase receipt - dated within the last 3 years - is required within 30 days of the start of your policy. Photocopies or good-quality photographs are acceptable as long as they can be clearly read. They can be sent to us in a number of ways.

Please ensure that your policy number is noted on any document you send:

  • Email - customerservices@admiral.com

Will pedal cycles be covered under my policy?

Bicycles worth up to £350 are automatically covered in and away from your home with Contents Insurance.

Bicycles worth more than £350 need to be listed individually on your policy and ‘Cover Away from Home’ selected to make sure they're covered outside the home. Find more information on the bicycle cover page.

Do I need to keep damaged goods for my claim?

Yes, please keep any damaged items in a safe place. They may need to be inspected or used as evidence of proof of ownership - this may help us settle your claim faster.

I'm a childminder, why did my price change when accepting my quote over the phone?

There are two possible reasons that could cause this to happen:

  1. If you look after children in your home (the address we insure) we need to include business use on your policy. If this detail is only updated when you call to accept the quote the price will be amended to reflect the risk.
  2. If you obtained your quote through a price comparison website you may find some do not ask business use questions required for us to provide an accurate price. When you call in we ask extra questions and this could change the premium quoted.

How will I know if a claim is covered by my policy?

You can find details of your policy cover in your Policy Booklet along with your Home Policy Schedule. You may find this helpful before ringing us to report a claim.

However, if you would prefer to call us, one of our dedicated Claim Handlers will be happy to help and advise you further on your policy cover.

Why do you ask the rebuild value of my home instead of market value?

If your home is completely destroyed by an insured event we will pay the costs to rebuild it. We therefore look at how much it would cost to rebuild your home when calculating your premium.

Market value changes depending on economic conditions and also varies depending on location. For example, a four bedroom home in one area will have a much higher market value than in another, but this does not necessarily mean it will cost more to rebuild.

How do I make a claim?

Call our Claims Department or visit our make a claim page for more information on making a claim.

We're open Mon - Thu 8am - 9pm, Fri 8am - 6pm, Sat 9am - 5pm, Sun 10am - 4pm.

How long will it take to settle my claim?

It all depends on the circumstances - some claims are more straightforward than others. When you call to register a claim, our claim handlers will try to give you an idea of the timescales involved.

What if my circumstances change?

If your circumstances change, please let us know straightaway. Changes we don't know about could invalidate your insurance. If you're not sure whether you need to tell us about a change, just call us and check.

Please call our Customer Service Department to update a policy. Opening hours are from 8am-8pm Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm Saturday and 9.30am-4pm Sunday.

What is an Excess and how do I know what excess I have on my policy?

An excess is the amount you must pay in the event of any claim. Just check your policy schedule for details of the excess that applies for the incident you are claiming for. More than one excess may apply and total excess may vary depending on the cause of the loss or damage.

Your excess will either be deducted from settlement of your claim, or alternatively, our appointed supplier will collect this amount from you.

What information will I need to provide when making a claim?

To ensure your claim is processed as quickly as possible it would be helpful if you could provide the following eight bits of information:

  1. Policy number
  2. Full address of the property covered
  3. Date and time of the incident
  4. Causes of the loss or damage
  5. Claim value if known
  6. Details of any person responsible for the incident
  7. Any relevant documents or photographs to support your claim
  8. A crime or loss reference number, if you've been a victim of theft, vandalism or lost items when outside of home
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